SI 691: Independent Study

In this course, student teams will leverage their emergent skills in content management and delivery, contextual inquiry, needs assessment, product ideation, consultation and a deep understanding of the complex relationships between people, information, and technology to address a context sensitive information challenge (management, access, design ICT-related) faced by participating heritage, government and NGO organizations. Student teams will work with select NGO organizations ion information projects with high positive societal impact. Preceding locating to an on-site international location in May - June, students will undertake a half term of preparatory exercises including developing an understanding of the project and culture of program, site and various pre-departure activities. This program seeks to operationalize the skills of professional master's degree students at the University of Michigan to develop sustainable information management practices that have positive societal impact. This program fulfills the internship requirement for MSI students; MHI students will need approval from MHI program leadership to determine internship fulfillment. View syllabus

Credit Hours: 1
Advisory prerequisites:
Required prerequisites:

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