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Catalog Number Course Title
106 Programs, Information and People
110 Introduction to Information Studies
206 Data-Oriented Programming
300 Career and Internship Studio: Design Your Success
301 Models of Social Information Processing
310 Information Environments and Work
311 Special Topics in Information
315 Interpersonal and Psychological Implications of Social Media
316 Designing and Analyzing Social Media Feeds
320 Graphic Design
330 Data Manipulation
334 Persuasion and Social Influence
335 Social Media in Organizations
339 Web Design, Development, and Accessibility
340 Experiment Design and Analyses
360 Succeeding at Failing: The Art of Entrepreneurship in the Information Age
364 Building Interactive Applications
365 Cyberscience: Computational Science and the Rise of the Fourth Paradigm
370 Data Exploration
388 Putting the H in HCI: Human Perception, Cognition and Mental Processes
400 Fundamentals of Survey Methodology
405 Information Analysis Final Project Preparation Course
410 Ethics and Information Technology
422 Needs Assessment and Usability Evaluation
425 Introduction to User Modeling
429 Online Communities: Analysis and Design of Online Interaction
430 Information Technology and Global Society
435 Exploring Computational Thinking Through Making
482 Interaction Design Studio
485 Information Analytics Project
487 User Experience Final Project
489 Designing Engagement Through Social Media
491 Independent Study
501 Contextual Inquiry and Consulting Foundations
502 Networked Computing: Storage, Communication, and Processing
505 Career and Internship Studio: Design Your Success
506 Programming I
507 Intermediate Programming
519 Intellectual Property and Information Law
520 Graphic Design and Visual Communications
523 Information and Control
528 Managing Organizational Information Assets
529 Online Communities
530 Principles in Management
531 Human Interaction in Information Retrieval
534 Theories of Social Influence
537 Crisis Informatics
538 Citizen Interaction Design
539 Design of Complex Websites
540 Privacy in Information Technology
542 Introduction to Health Informatics
544 Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis
548 Principles of Software Design for Learning
549 Transformative Learning and Teaching with Technology
551 Information Behavior and Search Experience
554 Consumer Health Informatics
561 Natural Language Processing
563 Game Theory
565 Language and Information
570 Semantics-Based Knowledge Descriptions and Organization
573 Health Informatics Program Seminar I
574 Health Informatics Program Seminar II
580 Understanding Records and Archives: Principles and Practices
582 Introduction to Interaction Design
588 Fundamentals of Human Behavior
604 Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Technology: Business and Regulatory Issues
605 Interdisciplinary Problem Solving
606 Personal Informatics Design
608 Networks
611 Population Health Informatics
612 Pervasive Interaction Design
616 Advanced Topics in Graphic Design and Communication
617 Choice Architecture
618 Data Manipulation and Analysis
620 Collection Development and Management
622 Needs Assessment and Usability Evaluation
623 Research Methods for Information Professionals
625 Digital Preservation
627 Managing and Leading the IT Org
629 Access Systems
630 Natural Language Processing: Algorithms and People
631 Agile Software Development for Content Management Systems
632 Appraisal of Archives
634 Content Management Systems Configuration and Site Building
635 Content Management Systems and Web Frameworks
636 Makerspaces, Maker Culture, Maker Tools
639 Web Archiving
640 Digital Libraries and Archives
643 Instructional Skills for Information Professionals
646 Information Economics
647 Information Resources and Services
648 Evaluation Methods in Health Informatics
649 Information Visualization
650 Information Retrieval
652 Electronic Commerce
653 Evidence-Informed Decision-Making for the 21st Century Health Care
654 Critical Policy Issues in Health IT
658 Information Architecture
660 Experimental Social Computing Systems
661 Managing Health Informatics
663 Entrepreneurship in the Information Industry
664 Database Application Design
666 Organization of Information Resources
667 Foundations of Digital Curation
671 Data Mining: Methods and Applications
675 Digitization Cultural Heritage Materials
678 Preserving Sound and Motion
686 User-Generated Content
689 Social User Experience
690 Internship/Field Experience
691 Global Information Engagement Program
694 Developing Social Computing
696 Big Data Analytics
699 MSI Mastery Courses
701 Doctoral Foundations Seminar
702 Seminar in Organizational Studies
705 First Semester Experience
719 Knowledge/Power/Practice in Science, Technology, and Medicine
721 Data Mining: Methods and Applications
724 Qualitative Methods: The purpose of this seminar is to examine, critique current research employing, and begin to utilize a variety of qualitative methods. The course will focus on the design of qualitative studies, selection of data collection method
755 Unorthodox Research Methods
791 Independent Study
840 Research Methods
860 Research Methods Course in Experimental Methods: This course will be an introduction to experimental methods and some of the major subject areas that have been addressed by laboratory and field experiments. We will discuss basic principles and concret
990 Diss-Precand
995 Diss-Cand