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University of Michigan School of Information


Spring and summer courses

SI 110 - Introduction to Information Studies (Spring Term)

This course will provide the foundational knowledge necessary to begin to address the key issues associated with the Information Revolution. Issues will range from the theoretical (what is information and how do humans construct it?), to the cultural (is life on the screen a qualitatively different phenomenon from experiences with earlier distance-shrinking and knowledge-building technologies such as telephones?), to the practical (what are the basic architecture of computing networks?). Successful completion of this "gateway" course will give you the conceptual tools for an initial understanding of the politics, economics, and culture of the Information Age, providing a foundation for later study in Information or any number of other disciplines. You will be more thoughtful about thorny information issues, and more "information literate" than you were before.

Credit Hours: 4

SI 350 - UX Field Research in the Public Sector (Spring Term - May only)

A 4-week intensive studio course in the spring term

In SI 350, you will spend three weeks in May learning about civic issues through a technology lens in this studio class. We will apply user experience research to explore opportunities to enhance civic engagement. Students will engage in collecting user data, identifying user needs, and converting those needs into design insights that contribute toward of an information solution.

This course is a great opportunity to build on your developing information skills, explore civic technology, and positively impacted your community. You'll earn three academic credits and develop projects for your portfolio.

Credit hours: 3

Enforced prerequisite: SI 110


SI 591 - Humanitarian Innovation (Spring Term - May only)

 Explore the role that innovation can and does play in how community development (e.g. refugee resettlement) works in the United States. This class will focus on participatory approaches for innovation, with particular attention to issues of power, gender, inclusion and psycho-social well-being. Students will work in teams to understand current challenges in selected resettlement communities, practice co-design and prototyping skills as they attempt to solve a specific design challenge, and develop tools for enhancing co-creation among various actors in the humanitarian space in SE Ml.

Credit Hours: 3

SI 390 - Internship (Spring, Spring-Summer and Summer Terms)

This course is a supplemental educational opportunity for students to receive academic credit for the work being completed in a summer internship capacity. In this course, students will develop learning objectives, complete a post-internship reflective assignment and design an internship exhibit demonstrating internship outcomes. This course will support students' ability to derive deeper meaning from an integrated learning experience with the potential to contribute to life-long career development.

Credit hours: 1-3

SI 690 - Internship/Field Experience (Spring, Spring-Summer and Summer Terms)

Selected practical experience opportunity for students who perform at least 60 hours of work in an internship approved for PEP credit. One credit hour is granted for 60 hours of work under the supervision of an onsite mentor.

Credit hours: 1-6