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University of Michigan School of Information



840 - Research Methods

Research Methods --- PhD level introduction to research design from a methods perspective. Examines various research methods with illustrations drawn from specific studies. Includes discussion of the scientific method and research design, issues of problem selection, data collection, data analysis, and research report evaluation.

860 - Research Methods Course in Experimental Methods

Research Methods Course in Experimental Methods --- As an introduction to experimental methods and some of the major subject areas that have been addressed by laboratory and field experiments, this course discusses basic principles and concrete procedures for successful experimentation: picking an interesting and important problem, creating a laboratory environment, choosing and motivating subjects, designing and conducting experiments, collecting and analyzing the data, and reporting the results. Students should learn to complete the entire process of experimental research, from writing a mini-grant proposal to writing a publishable paper.

990 - Diss-Precand


995 - Diss-Cand


998 - Curriculum Practical Project

Curriculum Practical Project --- This internship/work experience course is designed to provide opportunities to further professional experiences in addition to the required curriculum. Students will work in an internship or obtain a temporary employment opportunity and will apply and add to the practical skills and knowledge acquired in their academic studies. It is available to students in good academic standing. The independent field experience is under the supervision of School of Information faculty instructor. Faculty instructors must be tenure-track faculty member. The student should meet with their faculty instructor regularly to develop learning goals and assignments.