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University of Michigan School of Information



435 - Exploring Computational Thinking Through Making

Exploring Computational Thinking Through Making --- This course uses making activities to introduce students to problem-solving skills associated with computational thinking. Students will utilize their foundational knowledge of computational thinking and making/tinkering to design solutions to a wide-variety of information problems. The course structure will include a combination of lectures, hands-on making activities, and small group presentations.

460 - Modeling Success: The Science of Entrepreneurship in the Information Age

Discussions about technology-driven change typically focuses on enabler, instead of the forces impacting the way we work, play, learn, buy, and communicate with each other. We will apply relevant entrepreneurial theory and practice - and in particular, the principles of business model generation - to learn how to search for, respond to, and exploit the recurrent waves of technological change as entrepreneurial of opportunities.

482 - Interaction Design Studio

Interaction Design Studio --- This course introduces methods and skills to design and prototype interactive systems. The course covers the design process from the initial formulation of a design problem to creation of digital prototypes. The class structure is a mix of classroom design activities, lectures, and design critiques.

485 - Information Analytics Project

Information Analytics Project --- Advance project course for the Information Analytics Path. Students will apply skills learned in the Path to create a data-centered project that includes requirements analysis, data manipulation and analysis, and evaluation needs of a client. Example project settings include: analyzing customer/user interaction data for a commercial enterprise; constructing new datasets for business intelligence; or applying large-scale predictive analytics to improve a business or educational outcome.

487 - User Experience Final Project

User Experience Final Project --- Advanced project course for the User Experience Path. Students will apply skills learned in the Path to create a project that includes aspects of requirements analysis, design, and evaluation needs of a client. Example project settings might include: constructing a website for an academic unit or organization, building a mobile health application, constructing a commercially viable product, or designing a patient-facing or clinical support system.

489 - Designing Engagement Through Social Media

In this course, students will work on service-learning projects to research, design, and implement social media strategies for local organizations. Student teams will apply principles of user-centered design combined with expertise in social media communication and social group theory to accomplish social media projects.

491 - Independent Study

Independent Study

500 - Problem-solving with People, Information, and Technology

Problem-solving with People, Information, and Technology --- Many problems facing society today involve information, from the small and mundane to the large and socially complex. Students learn and apply interdisciplinary problem-solving and team-based techniques to identify problems involving information, investigate them, and design potential solutions. This course develops foundational skills essential for future information professionals.

504 - Servers, The Shell, and Git

Servers, The Shell, and Git --- This course will introduce students to common tasks completed in the shell including: executing standard linux commands, interacting with package management systems, and utilizing git for version control. Students will use git for individual and collaborative work, with emphasis on handling merge requests and branches.

505 - Career and Internship Studio: Design Your Success

Career and Internship Studio: Design Your Success --- In this course, students will engage in a synthesis of knowledge and skill formation as well as practice in internship / career readiness and professional development. This course will integrate practice, as well as peer coaching and facilitation in small group activities and reflection. Students will also be exposed to various industry and alumni speakers. At the end of this course students will be able to articulate and implement professional development and career readiness skills that provide for the foundation of success in the internship search, the internship experience, as well as future professional environments.