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University of Michigan School of Information


Affiliated faculty

The following faculty are eligible to serve as readers on XR Certificate projects and are open to discussing XR topics in their areas of interest.

Michelle Aebersold (XR committee member)
School of Nursing, School of Information, MIDAS faculty
XR Interests: My work in XR involves the development and implementation of virtual technologies to support learning needs of healthcare professionals and students. I use immersive virtual reality, augmented, mixed, 360 video and computer based virtual programs in my teaching, practice and scholarship.

Sara Blair (XR committee member)
Department of English
XR Interests: XR and narrative genres and practices; XR and visual aesthetics; XR in humanities classrooms

Pete Bodary (XR committee member)
School of Kinesiology
XR Interests: My interest regarding XR is especially related to wearable technology for enhancing health, sport performance and physical activity.

Anıl Çamcı (XR committee member)
Department of Performing Arts Technology, School of Music, Theatre & Dance
XR Interests: Professor Çamcı's work lies at the intersection of human-computer interaction, virtual reality and spatial audio. His research deals with the design of creativity support tools and performance systems for VR, musical interaction design in immersive contexts, audiovisual worldmaking and applications of VR and audio in a variety of fields ranging from medicine to education.

Matias del Campo (XR committee member)
Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning
XR Interests: Interface between Augmented Reality and construction. Augmented Reality (AR) as generator of cultural content in architecture. AR as overlay, camouflage and layer of information. AR assisted maintenance of the built environment. AR as tool of representation. AR and Architecture History and Theory.

Mark W. Newman (XR committee chair)
School of Information and Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
XR Interests: Design and evaluation of XR applications; XR for healthcare

Chris Quintana (XR committee member)
School of Education
XR Interests: Uses of XR for educational contexts, including ways that visual, aural, and haptic modalities can scaffold and support learning in a range of contexts; exploring learner-centered design approaches within XR contexts, uses of XR to support design-oriented activity.