City of Jackson Engagement

In 2013, the Jackson City Council resolved to become the first Citizen Interaction Design partner community. Jackson is home to Consumers Energy, Michigan’s first state prison, and the birthplace of the Republican party. As a medium-sized Michigan community with a struggling economy, Jackson has limited resources to invest. However, Jackson recognized the value of the partnership in reimagining the relationship between government and citizens.

Over the course of the three-year partnership agreement, nearly 100 students from UMSI partnered with city departments and community organizations to complete 25 projects, including the first open data ordinance in Michigan, an anonymous texting service for police tips, and an innovative information campaign for downtown construction. During the partnership, Jackson also implemented a new web presence and hired its first information officer. In 2015, Jackson was recognized for its role in CID by the Michigan Municipal League, winning the “Attracting Talent” category for the MML’s Community Excellence Award.

Projects in Jackson

Below, find a list of the 25 engagement projects that U-M students worked on as part of the three year engagement.  Click on the semester of engagement link (i.e. W14 for Winter 2014) to view the student team's portfolio of the project:

  • Child Immunization (W14)
  • Connecting with Citizens (W14)
  • Distressed Property Report (W14, S14, F14, S15)
  • Digital Cemeteries Archive (W14)
  • DigDowntown (W14, S14, F14, S15)
  • Maps & Apps (W14)
  • Master Plan Public Involvement (W14)
  • Open Data Policy (W14, F14)
  • Tips by Text (W14)
  • Where is the Bus When? (W14)
  • ArtSmart (F14)
  • Living History (F14)
  • Step by Step (F14)
  • Welcome to Jackson (F14, F15)
  • What’s at the Farmers Market (F14)
  • Community Perception and Socio-economic Status (S15)
  • Summer Team Overview (S15)
  • Neighborhood Watch (F15)
  • Snow Squad (F15)
  • I can’t Prove I’m Me (F15)
  • Breadcrumbs Nature Guide (F15)
  • Access for All (F15)
  • Business Connect (F15)
  • Making History (F15)
  • Rental Check (S16)