2015 Award Recipients

The School of Information’s Service Engagement Internship Award and International Internship Award programs provided funding to nine students who participated in unpaid internships in the summer of 2015. Service Engagement Internship Awards are granted to students who work to serve the community through information-related internships with non-profit groups, governmental entities, cultural or historical institutions, or other civic-minded organizations. International Internship Awards support practical engagement projects with high social impact that are global in nature.

Students in these roles developed and implemented professional activities that directly affected underserved populations, allowing for lasting change, creating equity, or significantly impacting society—values that reflect UMSI’s commitment to service through support in community engagement as part of the Initiative for Information Impact (I3).

International Internship Grant Award Recipients - 2015

The International Internship Grant awards up to $5000 for individuals or student groups who seek funding for a collaborative community project. Rolling application deadline.

Fan Luo, MSI - Intern at Alibaba Group
Hangzhou, China

Fan is a Master of Science in Information student specializing in the preservation of information. She has a focus on properly handling digital information and assets to support decision making, as well as reaching out to the community that may be interested in the preserved information.

This past summer she interned at Alibaba Group, a corporation that started as an e-commerce business but has expanded to offline regions in recent years. She conducted contextual queries of the group, interviewed staff, and did research about the group. These activities contributed to the final report that summarized the group's condition, including history, organizational structure, informational communication, vision, and the environment of online-offline business in China. The report will provide the staff with a better understanding of the group that is changing and moving forward at a fast pace.

In the future, Fan plans to do another internship in a cultural heritage organization, to learn digital assets management in another environment. Comparing and contrasting both experiences will help her to decide on her future career.

Yin Yu Lam, MHI - Intern at Shanghai Landseed International Hospital
Shanghai, China

Yin Yu is a second-year student in the Master of Health Informatics program. This past summer, Yin Yu had the opportunity to visit China and intern at the Shanghai Landseed International Hospital - a hospital under the Landseed International Medical Group (based in Taiwan).

Yin Yu’s four week internship in Shanghai Landseed was with their IT department. During the internship, she had a very complete high-level view of the information systems that the hospital is using. Due to the multi-national background of the hospital, she got to experience both Taiwanese and Chinese culture and learned about their healthcare systems. From these experiences, she learned how hospital information systems need to be designed differently to suit different healthcare systems and to suit a hospital’s workflows.

Connie Liu, BSI - Design Intern at Taurus Marketing
Sydney, Australia 

A senior in the first class of the new Bachelor of Science in Information program, Connie interned in Sydney, Australia at Taurus Marketing, an integrated strategic marketing and public relations agency that services smart technology entrepreneurs globally. There she was able to use her graphic design skills and implement innovative designs in order to market and brand the company and their clients appropriately. Her time was spent mainly on designing company brochures and fact sheets along with client case studies and montages.

With the experience of this internship, Connie will further pursue graphic designing with a focus on mobile app interfaces. She aspires to apply her knowledge of user experience design from the Information program in the aspect of mobile applications.

Arun Varghese, MSI - Data and Analytics Intern at GiveDirectly (Kenya)
Kisumu, Kenya 

Arun is a second year MSI student with interests in data science and international economic development. This summer, he worked as a Data and Analytics Intern with the non-profit GiveDirectly in Kisumu, Kenya. GiveDirectly models itself as a tech startup and aims to reshape international giving by sending money directly to the extreme poor via electronic payment. Over the summer, Arun worked on a project exploring new ways to find and identify recipients for GiveDirectly’s cash transfers.  This is especially important as the organization expands out of its base in western Kenya into new areas and countries.

Arun helped in the design of these new methods, wrote code necessary to implement them and rigorously evaluated which methods work best under which circumstances.  Going forward, Arun’s work will help to ensure that GiveDirectly can rapidly identify and send transfers to the poor across a wider range of settings and contexts.

Emma Gardiner, BSI – Design Intern at Headmark
Sydney, Australia

A senior in the Bachelor of Science in Information program, Emma worked at Headmark, a small marketing and branding agency in Australia. Emma was a part of the design team and her work involved designing media, planning marketing campaigns and developing brand identities. A highlight from her work includes having some of her ideas and designs presented to clients. Working in a small company allowed Emma to explore and learn not only about design, but about all other aspects of the business as well, including marketing, sales, web development and the general process of taking a client job from start to finish.

Service Engagement Internship Grant Award Recipients - 2015

The Service Engagement Internship Grant awards up to $3000 for individuals who participate in an unpaid internship that has direct positive impact on an underserved population or social justice issue, Application deadline April 1.

 Adam Lott, MSI – Archives Intern at CUNY ­TV
New York, New York

Adam is a second­ year MSI student specializing in Archives and Records Management. His interests primarily lie in the preservation of film and video, with a focus on providing access to these materials. This past summer, Adam interned at CUNY­ TV in New York City, a public broadcasting station providing educational programming to the greater New York area.

During this time, Adam helped digitize video from the library's collection to be used for future broadcast. Tapes included content produced both in-­house and from a variety of now defunct broadcast stations within the city, as well as several independent films created by local artists.

Adam sees himself working within a film/video archive that values accessibility to collections. He hopes to discover the next widely shared video, whether it be historically significant or absolutely bizarre.

Roxana Galusca, MSI - Research and Innovation Intern, Fair Labor Association
Washington DC

Roxana is a second-year Master’s Student in Human Computer Interaction. This summer, she interned at Fair Labor Association in Washington DC, where she worked in the Research and Innovation Department. Fair Labor Association is a multi-stakeholder non-profit working to improve workers’ rights in the United States and throughout the world. As part of the research team, Roxana conducted UX research for the organization’s website redesign, worked on the visualization of the organization’s research data, and developed interview and survey protocols for the Nestle Gender Dialogue Project in Cote D’Ivoire. She also helped with the development in CartoDB of an interactive map of FLA factories.

Being in a nonprofit means wearing multiple hats, sometimes all at the same time, which is something Roxana enjoys tremendously. Roxana is interested in both theoretical and practical approaches to UX research, interaction design, and the use of information technologies in humanitarian crisis situations.

Jacqueline Fontaine, MHI – Health Informatics Research Intern at Group Health Research Institute
Seattle, WA

Jacqueline is a second year health informatics master’s student interested in using technology to better engage patients with their health and make healthcare more accessible. She spent her summer doing research in Seattle at the Group Health Research Institute where she focused on two main projects. Firstly, she worked on a project to design and build an online tool to better help prostate cancer patients manage their disease. The web tool was meant to help men accurately track their symptoms and serve as a rich source of information, while being accessible to and supportive for older men. Secondly, Jacqueline investigated the current state of big consumer data and its applications in health. Specifically, she researched sentiments about applying different types of big consumer data in various health-related scenarios.

Jason Ulsh, MSI – Digital Preservation Intern at the Benson Ford Research Center
Dearborn, Michigan

Jason graduated from the School of Information in 2015, specializing in Preservation of Information. Jason’s particular focus is the preservation of time-based media such as audio recordings. Last summer, he interned in the archives at the Benson Ford Research Center, which contains the Historical Resources department for the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village in Dearborn, Michigan. 

Jason worked with a collection of 334 vinyl records that had been produced to promote the Museum in the 1970s. His role was to discover what these things were, how they were used, and (later) what research was done to produce the content on the vignettes. He also reorganized and catalogued the 282 magnetic tapes that were used to produce the vinyl records. Additionally, he labeled and organized the digital derivatives of these tapes.  Along the way, Jason developed a better understanding of the importance of the archives in collective memory, as well as its limitations. 

Jason is currently employed as a digital asset manager for Rock Ventures in downtown Detroit, where he helps to catalogue and make accessible the photos and videos that document the ongoing transformation of the city. This internship was funded by the Ford Community Corps, as part of a grant to help incite students working in internships with Detroit organizations.

Community Engagement Grant Award Recipients - 2015

The Community Engagement Grant awards up to $1000 for individuals or student groups who seek funding for a collaborative community project. Rolling application deadline.

Washtenaw ID project, submitted by Jasmine Hentschel

Through a series of student-led events open to the greater campus community, UMSI students generated foundations for a group of deliverables. Using these foundations, students designed branding and a logo for the project, a new expanded website, and the ID card itself. Participants developed a series of wireframes and information architecture for the website. Volunteers determined color, typography, and images to generate the ID card design, and the logo was created by exploring several possibilities for brand identity formation. All deliverables were created through an iterative process involving students, the Washtenaw ID task force, and the County Clerk’s office to incorporate feedback and ensure the deliverables met the needs of all stakeholders involved.

UMSI Service Day 2015, submitted by Molly Maher and Michelle Fiesta

UMSI Service Day is a one-day event that occurs every January on the Saturday of MLK weekend, which this year fell on January 17. The entire UMSI community is invited to spend a few hours doing volunteer work at local non-profit organizations, assisting in any projects that the organization may benefit from completing. These projects involve a wide range of skills from the UMSI community, from painting to archiving to cleaning.