About Mastery Courses

Mastery Courses

Mastery courses are special types of courses that require students to demonstrate synthesis of the major theories, methods, and approaches to inquiry and/or schools of practice necessary for entry into a particular career in the information professions. Mastery is defined as a student’s ability to do a task, solve a problem, produce an outcome, design a product, deliver a service, etc. at the level comparable to or exceeding a well-launched beginner in a field, profession, or discipline.

Mastery courses require a high level of independence from students. Instructors assume the role of mentor, facilitator, or advisor, and the courses are driven by problem analysis, information gathering and sharing, creative solutions for a project, or a combination of these elements.

MSI students are required to complete one mastery course or the Master’s Thesis Option Program (MTOP). Each mastery course has 5-8 prerequisite courses that must be taken in advance of the mastery course.