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University of Michigan School of Information


Program structure and requirements

Program requirements

  • A minimum of 30 graduate-level credits taken in the MSI program
    • At least 21 credits taken within UMSI; up to 9 of the 30 credits could be taken in other U-M departments
  • Mastery Course (3 credits) or Master’s Thesis (6 credits)
    • Each mastery course has 5-8 prerequisite courses that must be completed in advance of the mastery course
  • Internship (6 credits)
    • Typically during the summer between the BSI and MSI


One of the basic MSI degree requirements is earning a minimum of 6 UMSI Internship Program credits through SI 681/SI 690

You have several options for completing the MSI Internship Requirement through courses, waivers, or a combination of both.

International Students: You have several options for seeking work authorization and fulfilling the internship requirement, but we do require meeting with a CDO advisor early to better understand the nuances and potential ramifications of each option.

After you are accepted to the AMDP program, you will be invited to join an information session from the CDO in February regarding options for fulfilling the internship requirement.

Note: MSI students attending full-time do not typically pay for internship credits. Going over the credit limit as a full-time graduate student does not incur additional tuition charges.