Areas of Interest

Beginning in the 2017-2018 academic year, the MSI Program will implement the new curriculum structure, keeping the UMSI internship program and cognate requirements and channeling the foundations courses, management distribution, research methods distribution, programming distribution, and specialization requirements into a mastery-course structure. The faculty have designed this structure to provide additional depth to the curriculum so that each MSI student will be able to reach mastery in a specific professional area.

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User Experience Research/Design

Students of user experience research/design are prepared to address human needs with technology by determining how useful systems function and by designing interfaces that consider the context of the individual and/or organization. They learn about features of social computing technologies and gain skills in developing applications that may be used in recommender systems, reputation systems, prediction markets, social network analysis, online communities, and computer-supported cooperative work.

Libraries/Archives and Records Management/Preservation of Information

Specialists in these fields must address the problems of online access, digital preservation and electronic records management. They evaluate what cultural artifacts are worth preserving, what policies apply, and what resources and funding are available for the preservation of information.

Data Analytics/Search Engineering/Informatics

Data analysis is essential for planning and decision-making that align with individual or organizational goals. Practitioners play important roles in helping organizations achieve success, from assessing management networks to improving system effectiveness to leading comprehensive information management strategic development.


For students whose needs and interests are not met by the mastery course framework, the Tailored MSI can be a good option. The Tailored MSI is a planned course of study for which you develop a curriculum to support your academic and career goals.