Civic Technology

Mastery courses are special types of courses that require students to demonstrate synthesis of the major theories, methods, and approaches to inquiry and/or schools of practice necessary for entry into a particular career in the information professions.

Civic Technology Mastery Course Description

Students work closely with municipal and civic leaders in a Michigan city in order to resolve an information problem through applied user research, prototyping, system development, and implementation. Each student group will deliver a sustainable, useful, and usable information tool or service to the partner city in which they are working.

Required courses:

SI 501: Contextual Inquiry and Consulting Foundations

SI 582: Introduction to Interaction Design

SI 588: Fundamentals of Human Behavior

SI 622: Needs Assessment and Usability Evaluation
Selective required courses:

One of:

SI 538: Citizen Interaction Design

SI 691: Global Interaction Engagement Program
Recommended courses:

SI 506: Programming I

SI 529: Online Communities

SI 612: Persuasive Interaction Design

SI 618: Data Manipulation and Analysis

SI 658: Information Architecture