Data Science / Data Analytics / Computational Social Science

Since the advent of computers, individuals and organizations increasingly process information digitally. Vast amounts of data are stored in computer information systems and networks, but for this information to be useful, it must be searchable and retrievable. That requires the intelligent design of databases and retrieval systems using natural language processing and text/web/network analytics.

Data analysis is essential for planning and decision-making that align with individual or organizational goals.  Practitioners play important roles in helping organizations achieve success, from assessing management networks to improving system effectiveness to leading comprehensive information management strategic development.

Coursework will reflect computational, cognitive and social aspects, including study of the social impact of information technologies. Courses may include data manipulation, data analysis, information retrieval, data mining, applied machine learning, database design, information visualization, natural language processing, economics, and game theory.

Mastery courses offered every academic year:

  • Big Data Analytics

Career outcomes:

  • Business Analyst / IT Analyst
  • Data Scientist / Analyst
  • Database / Systems Analyst
  • Software Engineer
  • ICT and Development Consultant / Non-Profit ICT Specialist / Civic Technologist
  • IT Consultant / Management Consultant
  • IT Policy Analyst