Developing Social Computing

Mastery courses are special types of courses that require students to demonstrate synthesis of the major theories, methods, and approaches to inquiry and/or schools of practice necessary for entry into a particular career in the information professions.

Developing Social Computing Mastery Course Description
This course provides students an opportunity to develop and demonstrate mastery in user research, application design, and system implementation by creating novel social computing applications. This course challenges students to build on prior coursework in human-computer interaction and programming to apply and adapt their existing skill sets to identify and solve the problems that arise in the design of a new social computing system, including the areas of user experience, technical implementation, and stakeholder communication. It is intended for students who want to go beyond prototypes to understand the full experience around creating and launching a new system.


Required Courses

SI 501: Contextual Inquiry and Consulting Foundations

SI 506: Programming I

SI 507: Intermediate Programming

SI 582: Introduction to Interaction Design

SI 588: Fundamentals of Human Behavior

SI 622: Needs Assessment and Usability Evaluation

Selective required courses:

One of

SI 539: Design of Complex Websites

SI 664: Database Application Design

Recommended course:

SI 529: Online Communities