Dual degrees

UMSI offers dual-degree programs to help students create specialized academic programs to meet their specific career interests. In addition to the formalized dual-degrees listed below, students can also initiate a dual degree with any other academic unit on campus. A dual degree allows students to double count some credits and thus shorten the completion time for both programs. To apply for dual degree or certificate programs, you must apply and be admitted to each department separately, and then work to develop your academic plan together.

Master of Science in Information/Master of Business Administration

Students in this program will have an opportunity to take courses in electronic commerce, information economics, information ethics and policy, and many other business-related topics.  General information about the Ross School of Business can be found here.  

Master of Science in Information/JD

This dual degree with the Law School is one of only a few offered anywhere, and it is particularly attractive to students who wish to develop their expertise in the field of intellectual property.  General information about the Law School can be found here.    

Master of Science in Information/MD

This program offers a unique opportunity to understand the multiple ways in which people, information, and technology interact in the medical environment.  General information about the Medical School can be found here.  

Master of Science in Information/Master of Public Policy

Students pursuing the dual degree with the School of Public Policy will study information and information technologies as well as the policy and regulatory aspects of using them. General information about the Ford School can be found here.  

Master of Science in Information/Master of Social Work

This degree provides academic training and practical experience to improve social workers' effectiveness when dealing with information issues and extends the reach of information specialists in furthering the public good.  General information about the School of Social Work can be found here.   

Self-Initiated Dual Degrees

MSI students may self-initiate a dual degree with other graduate programs at the University of Michigan by contacting each school to find out more about their curriculum and opportunities for dual degrees.

Certificate programs

Graduate Certificate in Health Informatics

MSI students have the opportunity to take advantage of the University of Michigan’s variety of quality academic programs and interdisciplinary resources through pursuit of a graduate certificate. A graduate certificate is a non-degree credential for study and participation in a scholarly community around a focused topic of special academic interest. A graduate certificate requires a specified set of courses and activities that supplement and enrich a student’s primary program of study. Graduate certificate programs vary in length and tend to add about one semester to students’ graduate work