Student Organizations

UMSI has a variety of student organizations at UMSI. Student organizations are a great way to learn new skills, meet other students, and get involved in the broader University of Michigan and Ann Arbor community.

Sponsored Student Organizations

Doctoral Student Organization (DSO)

The DSO is an organization that includes all School of Information (SI) doctoral students. The mission of the DSO is to provide both academic and social support to all SI doctoral students. Email:

Health Informatics Student Organization (HISO)

The Health Informatics Student Organization (HISO) serves as a forum for cohort -building activities, professional skills development, networking and student-led projects within the Master of Health Informatics program. HISO exists to also strengthen our relationships with the University of Michigan School of Information and School of Public Health communities. Email:

School of Information Bachelor's Association (SIBA)

SIBA's purpose is to build skills and relationships within the cohort of the Bachelor's of Science in Information student body by offering professional development opportunities and strengthening our relationship with the UMSI community. Email:

School of Information Master's Association (SIMA)

SIMA serves as the liaison to UMSI, sponsors social events, invites guest speakers and appoints members to various school committees. Every UMSI master's student is automatically a member of SIMA. Email: 

Voluntary Student Organizations

A2 Data Dive

data dive logo

A2 Data Dive facilitates practical education and service events that increase data literacy in the community. Throughout the school year, we a variety of technical workshops and data jams/dives, which provide students and community members the opportunity to collaborate with our clients (local non-profits) to work with data sets in context. This can include programming, analysis, or data visualization. You don’t need to be a data expert to get involved! We welcome participants with all backgrounds and skill levels. Email:

American Library Association (ALA)

American Library Association Crest

The mission of the American Library Association Student Chapter is to promote awareness of, interest in, and involvement in libraries, librarianship, and information services among all students at the University of Michigan School of Information. To achieve our mission, we will create a space for discussing relevant issues, provide opportunities for professional development, and encourage participation in the University of Michigan community and beyond. Email:

Digital Scholarship Collective (DSC)

The Digital Scholarship Collective creates a collaborative space for students, faculty, staff and others to work on practical applications of digital scholarship. 

Information Alliance for Community Development

We work to empower local and international communities through involvement in social justice-focused service work, lecture series, group discussions and other events. Email:


Kappa Theta Pi

Kappa Theta Pi is the only co-ed Professional Technology Fraternity at the University of Michigan. We pride ourselves on diversity and passion. KTP is built on three pillars of development: Professional, Technical, and Social. We offer exclusive recruiting events, resume workshops, web and mobile development skill training, professional photography, leadership roles, community service, study groups, networking, and social events. Email:

Learning and Education Technology at the School of Information (LETSI)

LETSI exists at the intersection of people, technology, and learning/education. The primary mission of LETSI is to promote collaboration between designers and practitioners interested in edtech and build a community to facilitate such collaboration. Email:

Michigan Sports Analytics Society   

Michigan Sports Analytics Society - School of Information

Statistics and analysis are the future of sports. More so than ever before, teams in every sport use data to make personnel decisions and devise winning strategies. Learn about how teams do analysis, find peers for collaboration on research projects, and build your resume with skills attractive to franchises, agencies, and other sports organizations. Email:

Multi-ethnic Information Exchange (MIX)

MIX works to strengthen the social capital of minority students at UMSI and to serve as an academic, social and professional support system.


Outformation is the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, and ace (LGBTQIA) student group at the University of Michigan School of Information (UMSI). This group’s mission is to create an inclusive space that centers and supports all LGBTQIA+ people.

Society of American Archivists (SAA)

SAA introduces and integrates new students into the archival profession and provides an additional focus for students to discuss archival issues, identify with the profession and engage in professional activities. Email:

Special Libraries Association (SLA)

SISLA logo

SLA is an organization for innovative information professionals and their strategic partners working in business, government, academic, and other “specialized” settings. It supports its members through learning, networking, and community building initiatives. Students are welcome to join SLA and  learn more about professional development and career opportunities. Email:

Student Organization for Computer-Human Interaction (SOCHI)

SOCHI logo

SOCHI organizes events for peer advising, networking and academic and career development for students in the HCI specialization. Email:

Student Organization for Data and Analytics

SODA provides academic, career-oriented and social opportunities for students specializing and/or interested in information analysis and retrieval at the School of Information. Email: 


Reach Consulting Group

Reach Consulting Group focuses on educating students about consulting with a strong focus on technology consulting. Through workshops, mentorship, and consulting for real companies, Reach members develop the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in a real-working consulting environment. For more information, email


Student groups outside of UMSI

Rackham Student Government (RSG)

Rackham Student Government logo

RSG is the elected graduate-student governing body representing the approximately 6,000 students enrolled in the Horace H. Rackham School of Graduate Studies. Contact:


Students of Color of Rackham (SCOR)

SCOR logo

SCOR is an advocacy group dedicated to the social, cultural, and academic well-being of students of other cultures, ethnicities, and international origins. Contact:

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