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University of Michigan School of Information


Guidelines and process for petitioning for certificate credit

Petitioning a course for XR Certificate credit

Courses that you take in which you perform a significant amount of XR-related work may be eligible for credit towards the certificate requirements. 

You can petition for XR Certificate credit for:

  • Courses you have already taken
  • Courses you are currently enrolled in
  • Courses you are planning to take in an upcoming term

Criteria for courses to qualify for XR Certificate credit

  • XR-related work performed in the course must count towards at least 20% of the overall course grade
  • You must complete the course successfully with a passing letter grade
  • Your petition must include the following:
    • A course syllabus and/or other materials showing the portion of the course grade accounted for by XR-related work
    • Evidence of the work that you completed/will complete (Reports/demonstrations/etc)
    • A narrative outlining the work that you completed/will complete and its relationship to the class requirements. 
    • Contact information for the course instructor so the XR Committee may ask specific questions

Petitioning for a course you haven’t completed yet

  • If you submit a petition for a course you are currently enrolled in, or are planning to enroll in during a future term, the XR Committee will still review the course for pre-approval. 
  • The course will only count for XR Certificate approval if the following conditions are met:
    • You pass the course successfully 
    • The components of the course that fulfill the XR requirements are not altered or changed from your original proposal
  • If conditions are not met, the course will not count for XR requirements. This is includes coursework that you take in your final term.


  • Petitions will be processed within one month after submission IF they are submitted between Sept. 1 and April 1. 
  • In some cases, additional clarification may be required, delaying final approval
  • Students are responsible to take these time constraints into account when submitting requests, particularly with regards to completing requirements in advance of graduation