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Guidelines and process for completing the certificate project

Each student completing the certificate is required to complete a project culminating in a summative project report or presentation in a format agreed upon by the student and two “readers” who are affiliated with the XR Certificate Program. The scope of the Certificate Project should be roughly equivalent to that of a substantial term project for a course, representing at least 20% of the grade of a 3-credit graduate course. The Certificate Project can be a project completed as part of a course that is used to meet the certificate’s credit hour requirement. It can also be a project completed for a different course, or as an independent study (with or without earning credit hours).

Certificate Project Proposal

At least two months before the completion of the Certificate Project, the student must submit a Certificate Project Proposal to the committee. The approval of the proposal by faculty readers should be obtained prior to submitting the proposal to the committee. The Project Proposal must include

  • Names and contact info of 2 readers who will be contacted to confirm their approval of the proposal (both readers should be faculty who are affiliated with the certificate program)
  • Proposal narrative, including
    • Work to be performed
    • Expected outcomes
    • Relationship of the planned work to XR technologies and concepts
    • Format and acceptance criteria for the final project deliverable(s)

Faculty readers are instructed to evaluate the acceptability of the proposal by affirming that the planned work

  • is primarily focused on one or more XR experiences or technologies
  • demonstrates creative, original work
  • represents a level of work commensurate with at least 20% of a typical 3-credit graduate course
  • is likely to be successfully completed by the student within an acceptable time frame

The XR Certificate Committee will work with faculty readers to ensure that criteria are applied consistently by different faculty readers.

Certificate Proposal Approval Form

Certificate Project Completion

When the project is completed, the student will submit/present the project to the readers in accordance with the deliverable(s) agreed upon when the Proposal was approved. The readers will work together to determine whether the student’s project is adequate as a Certificate Project, applying the criteria named above. If the readers determine that it falls short, the student will be provided with a clear set of required changes and a deadline of 3 months or graduation, whichever is sooner, to make the required changes. When the Project has been approved by the faculty readers, the student must submit the following to the XR Certificate Committee:

  • Names and contact info of 2 readers who will be contacted to confirm their approval of the project (both readers should be faculty who are affiliated with the certificate program)
  • Proposal project deliverable(s) in the agreed-upon format. For “ephemeral” deliverables (e.g., performances), documentary evidence (e.g., video recordings) should be submitted wherever possible. In the rare case that documentary evidence cannot be provided, a brief narrative of describing the deliverable should be provided.

Certificate Project Completion Form


Feb. 15, 2021: Certificate Project Proposal due

Apr. 15, 2021: Certificate Project approval due

Participating in XR Summit

All XR Certificate students are expected to participate in the Winter semester XR Summit and to share their Certificate Project. A special designation within the Summit will be reserved for graduating XR Certificate students. While participation in the Summit is not required, it is strongly encouraged. The Summit is expected to take place in April 2021 and details including the specific date/time and whether the 2021 event will be virtual will be shared when they are available.