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University of Michigan School of Information


Guidelines and process for completing the certificate project

What is the XR Certificate Project?

  • The XR Certificate Project is a requirement for students completing the XR Certificate. 
  • It can be a project, report or presentation.
  • It must be primarily focused on one or more XR experiences or technologies.
  • It does not need to be a new project/report/presentation - you are welcome to use projects that you’ve completed or are currently completing for courses, internships etc.
  • The project will be reviewed by 2 faculty “readers.” 

Faculty Readers

  • Your certificate project must be reviewed and approved by 2 faculty “readers.” 
  • Your faculty readers should have expertise and familiarity with XR.
  • You are responsible for identifying 2 faculty readers who have agreed to review your certificate project. 
  • At least one of the faculty readers must be from the approved list of affiliated XR Certificate faculty members.

Proposing a Project

  • Once you have identified and received commitments from 2 faculty readers who approve your certificate project, you must submit your proposed project for review to the XR Committee. 
  • The proposal must contain the following:
    • Name/contact information for your 2 faculty readers (Your readers will be contacted by the committee to verify their approval of your project).
    • Outline of the work that will be/has been performed
    • Expected or final outcomes
    • Relationship of the planned work to XR technologies/concepts
    • Format/criteria for deliverables

Criteria for Proposal Approval

  • Your project proposal will be reviewed by your faculty readers to affirm the following:
    • The project proposal is primarily focused on one or more XR experiences/technologies
    • The project demonstrates creative, original work
    • The project represents a level of work commensurate with at least 20% of a typical 3-credit graduate course.
    • The project is likely to be successfully completed by the student within an acceptable timeframe
  • All of this information should be submitted via the Certificate Project Proposal Approval Form.

Submitting your Project

  • When your project has been completed, you will submit/present it to your chosen readers.
  • Your faculty readers will review your project and determine if it has met the deliverables that were outlined in your proposal.
  • You will be permitted to make revisions if your readers determine that the project does not meet the deliverables in your proposal.
  • Once your readers have approved your completed final project, you must complete the Certificate Project Completion Form.
  • Your readers will be contacted by the XR Committee to verify completion.