Individual online courses

Not ready to commit to a full course load? Try one of these individual courses for size.

Learn principles and strategies for engaging with U.S.-based and global communities through partnerships, research, service, and learning. [edX]

Internet History, Technology and Security (10 weeks)
    Learn how the Internet was created and how it works. [Coursera]

Introduction to Natural Language Processing (12 weeks)
    For learners interested in computational linguistics. [Coursera]

Leading Change: Go Beyond Gamification with Gameful Learning (8 weeks)
    School leaders and teachers learn the tools to support gameful learning environments that foster personalized, engaged learning in schools. [edX]

Programming for Everybody: Getting started with Python (7 weeks)
    Learn the basics of how to construct a program from a series of simple instructions in Python. [Coursera]

Public Library Management: Managing a Diverse and Inclusive Workplace (4 weeks)
    Learn management skills to support workplace diversity and inclusion in a public library setting. [edX]

Public Library Management: Identifying Community Needs (4 weeks)
    Learn to conduct research, surveys, and interviews and how to analyze data to better assess local needs and wants of a public library community. [edX]