Faculty currently recruiting PhD students

We seek PhD students who are passionate about research, open to exploring the benefits of interdisciplinary perspectives, and curious about how information --  broadly construed -- interacts with social, economic, cultural, and technological systems. 

Our community of 40+ faculty members represent a wide range of disciplines. Many focus on how computing and communication technologies can enhance individual and collective capabilities and change social relations.​ ​

Below is a list of UMSI faculty members who are currently recruiting doctoral students:

Mark Ackerman, George Herbert Mead Collegiate Professor. Social computing and computer-supported cooperative work; expertise sharing and knowledge manipulation in online spaces; media manipulation; collective memory.

Eytan Adar, Associate Professor. Intelligent user interfaces, information retrieval, behavioral data mining, visualization.

Christopher Brooks, Research Assistant Professor. Learning analytics; educational data mining; machine learning; information visualization.

Ceren Budak, Assistant Professor. Information analysis and retrieval; computational social science.

Yan Chen, Daniel Kahneman Collegiate Professor. Economics; incentive-centered design; contributions to public goods.

Alain Cohn, Assistant Professor. Economics; field experiments; labor; moral decision making.

Kevyn Collins-Thompson, Associate Professor. Information retrieval; machine learning; natural language processing; educational technology.

Ron Eglash, Professor. STEM equity; ethnocomputing; generative justice. 

Nicole Ellison, Karl E Weick Collegiate Professor of Information and Professor of Information. Computer-mediated communication; online relationships; online self-presentation; consequences and uses of social media.

Barbara Ericson, Assistant Professor. Computing education, learning analytics, artificial intelligence, and user experience.

Barry Fishman, Arthur F Thurnau Professor. Learning sciences; learning technologies; gameful learning.

Patricia Garcia, Assistant Professor. Socio-cultural research on race, gender, and technology; STEM equity; qualitative action research.

Eric Gilbert, John D. Evans Endowed Professor of Information and Associate Professor. Social computing; computer-supported cooperative work; data science; mixed methods.

Mark Guzdial*, Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. 

Libby Hemphill, Associate Professor. Digital curation and data management; politics and social media; hostility detection and de-escalation in social media.

David Jurgens, Assistant Professor. Natural language processing; computational sociolinguistics; computation social science; data science.

Matthew Kay, Assistant Professor. Information visualization; human-computer interaction; communicating uncertainty; personal informatics.

John L. King, W.W. Bishop Collegiate Professor of Information. Technical and social change; information systems. 

Predrag “Pedja” Klasnja, Assistant Professor. Mobile health; health informatics; human-computer interaction; methods for evaluation of health technologies.

Erin L. Krupka, Assistant Professor. Economics and social psychology; effect of social and environmental factors on behavior; how social norms modify self-interest.

Cliff Lampe, Professor. Computer-supported cooperative work and communication studies; social computing; outcomes of participating in social network sites.

Walter Lasecki*, Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

Silvia Lindtner, Assistant Professor. Maker, innovation and open source hardware cultures; political economy in urban China; global processes of tech work and labor; feminist and cultural anthropology; science and technology studies; humanistic HCI; critical computing and design.

Gabriela Marcu, Assistant Professor. Human-centered design; participatory research and design; experiences of stigma and marginalization; behavioral and mental health; health collaboration.

Qiaozhu Mei, Associate Professor. Data mining; information retrieval; machine learning.

Michael Nebeling, Assistant Professor. Human-computer interaction; interface engineering; ubiquitous computing; augmented reality/virtual reality.

Mark W. Newman, Associate Professor. Human-computer interaction; ubiquitous computing; end-user programming.

Steve Oney, Assistant Professor. Human-computer interaction; end-user programming.

Sun Young Park*, Assistant Professor. Human-computer interaction; computer-supported cooperative work; health informatics; design.

Casey Pierce, Assistant Professor. Organizational communication and technology; knowledge management in organizations.

Paul Resnick, Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Affairs, Michael D. Cohen Collegiate Professor. Computer science, economics and social psychology; social computing; reputation and recommender systems.

Soo Young Rieh, Associate Professor. Library and information science; human information behavior; search behavior and experience; information credibility; searching as learning; information literacy. 

Lionel Robert, Assistant Professor. Management information systems; diversity and team performance; collaboration technology. 

Daniel Romero, Assistant Professor. Social and information networks: network evolution, information diffusion, user interactions on the web. 

Tanya Rosenblat, Associate Professor. Economics; behavioral and experimental economics, labor, development, social networks.

Christian Sandvig, Professor. Infrastructure studies; socio-technical systems; social computing; information policy.

Florian Schaub, Assistant Professor. Human-computer interaction; privacy; mobile and ubiquitous computing; the Internet of Things. 

Grant Schoenebeck, Assistant Professor. Theoretical computer science; algorithmic game theory; social networks; mechanisms for information elicitation and aggregation.

Sarita Yardi Schoenebeck, Associate Professor. Human-computer interaction; social computing; social media; equity; justice.

Stephanie Teasley, Research Professor. Computer-supported cooperative work and learning science; collaboration and learning technologies; learning analytics.

Andrea Thomer, Assistant Professor. Digital collections and data curation; museum informatics; earth science and biodiversity informatics; information organization; computer-supported cooperative work in data curation and scholarly settings.

Kentaro Toyama, W.K. Kellogg Professor of Community Information, Professor. Information and communication technologies and development (ICTD); human development; community development.

Vinod Vydiswaran*, Assistant Professor of Learning Health Sciences, Medical School and Assistant Professor of Information, School of Information

Elizabeth Yakel, Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Professor. Digital archives and data curation, data reuse, archival metrics and evaluation.

* These faculty members have appointments in other departments and require a UMSI co-advisor.