Potential faculty advisors

We seek PhD students who are passionate about research, open to exploring the benefits of interdisciplinary perspectives, and curious about how information --  broadly construed -- interacts with social, economic, cultural, and technological systems. 

Our community of 40+ faculty members represent a wide range of disciplines. Many focus on how computing and communication technologies can enhance individual and collective capabilities and change social relations.​ ​

Below is a list of UMSI faculty members who are potential faculty advisors for doctoral students:

Eytan Adar, Associate Professor. Intelligent user interfaces, information retrieval, behavioral data mining, visualization.

Nazanin Andalibi, Assistant Professor. HCI; Social computing; social media; social technologies, stigma, & distress; marginality; self-disclosure & privacy; social support; wellbeing; reproductive health; emotional artificial intelligence & ethics.

Robin Brewer, Assistant Professor. HCI; accessibility; emotional and social wellbeing; marginalized populations; digital and health literacy.

Christopher Brooks, Research Assistant Professor. Learning analytics; educational data mining; machine learning; information visualization.

Ceren Budak, Assistant Professor. Information analysis and retrieval; computational social science.

Yan Chen, Daniel Kahneman Collegiate Professor of Information. Behavioral economics; lab, field, and online field experiments; public economics; market and mechanism design; online communities.

Alain Cohn, Assistant Professor. Behavioral economics; lab, field, and online experiments; honesty, morality, crime; social behavior; social norms; workplace behavior; financial decision making; income inequality. 

Kevyn Collins-Thompson, Associate Professor. Information retrieval; machine learning; natural language processing; educational technology.

Paramveer Dhillon, Assistant Professor. Machine learning; natural language processing; computational social science; social networks; digital experimentation; causal Inference.

Tawanna Dillahunt, Assistant Professor. Human-computer interaction; social computing, and computer-supported cooperative work; ubiquitous computing; information and communication technologies and social change; sustainability.

Ron Eglash, Professor. STEM equity; ethnocomputing; generative justice. 

Nicole Ellison, Karl E Weick Collegiate Professor of Information and Professor of Information. Computer-mediated communication; online relationships; online self-presentation; consequences and uses of social media.

Barbara Ericson, Assistant Professor. Computing education, learning analytics, artificial intelligence, and user experience.

Barry Fishman, Arthur F Thurnau Professor. Learning sciences; learning technologies; gameful learning.

Patricia Garcia, Assistant Professor. Socio-cultural research on race, gender, and technology; STEM equity; qualitative action research.

Eric Gilbert, John D. Evans Endowed Professor of Information and Associate Professor. Social computing; computer-supported cooperative work; data science; mixed methods.

Mark Guzdial*, Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. 

Oliver Haimson, Assistant Professor. Social computing; HCI; social media; online identity; emotional health and wellbeing; life transitions and social technologies; transgender and/or LGBTQ+ people and social technologies; social media content moderation and marginalized populations.

Libby Hemphill, Associate Professor. Digital curation and data management; politics and social media; hostility detection and de-escalation in social media.

Abigail Jacobs, Assistant Professor. Computational social science; social networks; data science; governance; fairness and machine learning. 

David Jurgens, Assistant Professor. Natural language processing; computational sociolinguistics; computation social science; data science.

Matthew Kay, Assistant Professor. Information visualization; human-computer interaction; communicating uncertainty; personal informatics.

John L. King, W.W. Bishop Collegiate Professor of Information. Technical and social change; information systems. 

Predrag “Pedja” Klasnja, Assistant Professor. Mobile health; health informatics; human-computer interaction; methods for evaluation of health technologies.

Erin L. Krupka, Assistant Professor. Economics and social psychology; effect of social and environmental factors on behavior; how social norms modify self-interest.

Cliff Lampe, Professor. Computer-supported cooperative work and communication studies; social computing; outcomes of participating in social network sites.

Walter Lasecki*, Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Crowdsourcing; human-AI interaction; human-computer interaction; human computation; interactive intelligent systems; situated interaction; conversational systems; accessibility; access technology.

Silvia Lindtner, Assistant Professor. Maker, innovation and open source hardware cultures; political economy in urban China; global processes of tech work and labor; feminist and cultural anthropology; science and technology studies; humanistic HCI; critical computing and design.

Qiaozhu Mei, Associate Professor. Data mining; information retrieval; machine learning.

Michael Nebeling, Assistant Professor. Human-computer interaction; interface engineering; ubiquitous computing; augmented reality/virtual reality.

Mark W. Newman, Associate Professor. Human-computer interaction; ubiquitous computing; end-user programming.

Steve Oney, Assistant Professor. Human-computer interaction; end-user programming.

Sun Young Park*, Assistant Professor. Human-computer interaction; health informatics; computer-supported cooperative work; health information systems; patient-provider collaboration; participatory design; design.

Paul Resnick, Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Affairs, Michael D. Cohen Collegiate Professor. Computer science, economics and social psychology; social computing; reputation and recommender systems.

Daniel Romero, Assistant Professor. Social and information networks: network evolution, information diffusion, user interactions on the web. 

Tanya Rosenblat, Associate Professor. Economics; behavioral and experimental economics, labor, development, social networks.

Christian Sandvig, Professor. Infrastructure studies; socio-technical systems; social computing; information policy.

Florian Schaub, Assistant Professor. Privacy; human-computer interaction; usable privacy & security; privacy in emerging technologies.

Grant Schoenebeck, Assistant Professor. Theoretical computer science; algorithmic game theory; social networks; mechanisms for information elicitation and aggregation.

Sarita Yardi Schoenebeck, Associate Professor. Human-computer interaction; social computing; social media; equity; justice.

Stephanie Teasley, Research Professor. Computer-supported cooperative work and learning science; collaboration and learning technologies; learning analytics.

Misha Teplitskiy, Assistant Professor. Science of science; collective intelligence; computational social science; experiments.

Andrea Thomer, Assistant Professor. Digital collections and data curation; museum informatics; earth science and biodiversity informatics; information organization; computer-supported cooperative work in data curation and scholarly settings.

Kentaro Toyama, W.K. Kellogg Professor of Community Information, Professor. Information and communication technologies and development (ICTD); human development; community development.

V.G.Vinod Vydiswaran*, Assistant Professor of Learning Health Sciences, Medical School and Assistant Professor of Information, School of Information. Clinical natural language processing; health informatics; data science; information trustworthiness.

Elizabeth Yakel, Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Professor. Digital archives and data curation, data reuse, archival metrics and evaluation.

* These faculty members have appointments in other departments and require a UMSI co-advisor.