Making an Impact

Office of Professional and Community Engagement 

The Office of Professional and Community Engagement (OPCE), launched in 2017, is an initiative to facilitate transformational, high-quality engaged learning experiences for all UMSI students with local and global community partners.

From organizing data for non-profits in southeast Michigan to working with human rights lawyers in India, students will help solve challenging information problems while gaining hands-on experience in their fields of interest, and learning how to work productively with people from a wide variety of backgrounds and cultures.  Through the programs and services offered by OPCE, students engage in information and technology-related projects and action-based learning as a significant part of their studies.

The OPCE works with a wide range of community partners from all industry types and sectors, ranging from Fortune 500 tech companies to grassroots social services non-profits and to cultural and heritage industries in a variety of project-based opportunities.  Community partners can engage with UMSI students as a means to amplify the impact of their information systems and to increase their internal knowledge of appropriate and novel information practices.


OPCE Staff:

Kelly Kowatch, Director, Office of Professional and Community Engagement,

Alissa Talley-Pixley, Assistant Director, Office of Professional and Community Engagement,

Scott TenBrink, Manager, Citizen Interaction Design,

Jill Coughlin, Intercultural and Global Engagement Program Manager,

Jennifer Chizek, Design, Innovation, and Engaged Learning Program Manager,