Design Clinic

Design Clinic provides the opportunity for students to act as design consultants on fast-paced, semester-long projects for real-world clients.

Design Clinic students work in teams to tackle semester-long projects brought to the clinic by clients from the local community and from within the University. Students are responsible for nurturing creative team dynamics, communicating with clients and managing the progress of projects, all while learning and receiving guidance from mentors and team members with more or unique experiences.

All Design Clinic students are introduced to a team of mentors with professional expertise in design, user research, design processes and/or starting a business venture. 


For students

Where: Design Clinic meets weekly in the UMSI Engagement Center

When: Offered each term

Cost: Participation in infoLab is free

Eligibility and application: Apply via MCompass


For organizations

Where: Students will work from the U-M Campus

When: Year-round

Eligibility: All types of organizations are encouraged to submit projects

Cost to organizations: None

How to apply: Submit a project proposal

Contact: Email