Funding Your Impact

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Professional and community engagement is supported by a strong commitment from UMSI to develop opportunities for students to apply their skills - locally and globally - to advance the public good. Students pursuing projects with these areas of focus can receive dedicated support through grant-supported scholarships and fellowships. Choose either of the links below to learn more and apply for funding opportunities:

Community Engagement Project Grants: UMSI Community Engagement Project grants are designed to support students who wish to engage in partnership with community organizations on information projects that will enhance their work through the implementation of information tools, methods and applications.

Internship Grants: UMSI supports practical engagement that has high-societal impact and commitment to the field of information. UMSI internship grants are designed to support students, regardless of citizenship, who are enrolled in a degree program and wish to participate in internships or conduct practical-based research in one of two areas: 1) international experiences or 2) non-profit or social impact experiences.

UMSI Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award or Grant: UMSI supports student engagement that is innovative, reflective of entrepreneurial activities, and demonstrates a commitment to the field of information. UMSI Innovation and Entrepreneurship Awards are to recognize students who have outstanding achievements in the areas of innovation and/or entrepreneurial activities. UMSI Innovation and Entrepreneurship Grants are designed to support UMSI students who wish to participate in activities that are associated with innovation and entrepreneurship, such as internships, student-led projects, and curricular and co-curricular projects and programs that require support.