Global Engagement

Information issues are not just domestic challenges for today's professionals; there is a call for people to work in this field throughout the world. UMSI is responding to this need in a variety of ways, including supporting students to pursue international internships as part of the UMSI Internship Program requirements, the Global Information Engagement Program, international research, student-initiated projects, and exchanges of information with our international counterparts. There are many opportunities to travel the world while completing UMSI degree requirements. 

Internship Abroad: Students have participated in international internships ranging from working on the development of national archives in Uganda to ICT development activities with the United Nations in Korea to project management with Lenovo in China. Learn more about international internships UMSI students have completed in recent years. Students can complete their UMSI Internship abroad, and should discuss opportunities with the Career Development Office. 

Research Abroad: Students and faculty regularly pursue international research and collaborations with our partners abroad. Students have participated in research projects in Madagascar, Zimbabwe, South Africa, India, amongst many other locations.


For students

Where: There are relevant programs and internships in a wide range of countries, universities, and programs that would best fit student interest. 

When: Typically in Spring/Summer semester

Eligibility: BSI, MSI, MHI students

Cost: Dependant on program or internship

How to apply: Dependant on program/internship of interest. 

Contact Information: Set up an advising appointment to discuss opportunities with Global Engagement or Career Development Office on iTrack. 

For organizations

Where: Anywhere

When: Anytime, but opportunities that align with our academic year are ideal

Eligibility:  No eligibility requirements

Cost to organizations: Dependent on engagement type with student.

How to apply:  Dependent on program or student

Contact Information: Email


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Student stories

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