Service Week

UMSI Service Week is a week-long event dedicated to service in the local community. The entire UMSI community is invited to engage with the community by working on identified service projects throughout the week in non-profit organizations around the Ann Arbor area. These projects levy a wide range of skills from the UMSI community, from painting and archiving to cleaning and quick usability analysis.


For students

Where: Various locations in the Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti and Detroit communities

When: Fall 2019

Eligibility: All current UMSI students are encouraged to participate

Cost: Free to participate

How to Apply: Check iTrack, our newsletters and your email for updates about when to sign up for Service Week 2019. You may sign up to volunteer for the following roles:

Role 1: Planning Committee Member

  • Planning and logistics associated with the event
  • Inviting organizations around Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti to participate in UMSI Service as a host site
  • Serving as a liaison between partner organizations and Site Leaders to communicate service needs
  • Identifying and inviting a keynote speaker for the day of the event

Role 2: Site Leader

  • Coordinating a team of students, faculty, and staff at one particular location for the entire Service Day, including organizing transportation and understanding and communicating project needs
  • Serving as a point person and team leader between a partner organization and UMSI teams

Role 3: Participant

  • Sign up to participate at a time that works for you.

Additional Information: 

Partner Organizations in the Past:

Contact:  For more details, please contact 

For organizations

Where: Various locations in the Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti and Detroit communities

When: Fall 2019

Eligibility: All interested individuals or organizations are welcome to participate

Cost: Free to participate.

How to Apply: Contact to be added to our contact list.

For more details, please contact Applications coming fall 2019. Please complete this form if the project is information-related and could be completed through another UMSI program.

Additional Information:

Partner Organizations in the Past:

Contact: For more details, please contact 


UMSI Service Week, held November 6-11, 2017, brought together UMSI students, faculty, staff and alumni to work together on service projects in the Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti and Detroit communities. UMSI contributed to over 20 projects at 15 organizations over the course of just six days. A few projects and outcomes include:

  • At the Jim Toy Community Center, volunteers were able to successfully catalogue a total of 1,215 books on LGBTQ literature in 3 days.
  • For the CivCity project, the charge was to develop a prototype New Voter Kit for first-time voters, especially youth who are turning 18. One group brainstormed the barriers to civic engagement and new voter registration, preferred communication channels, and possible key messages. They also created personas that represent the project's target audience.
  • Staff and students worked on a cold Friday morning for Habitat for Humanity (see the UMSI Staff and Faculty Lounge Facebook page for a video!)
  • BSI students traveled to Detroit on Saturday to work on clean up at the Renville Street Community Garden.

Student stories

Service Week is a fantastic opportunity to meet and engage with some incredible organizations that help the community on a daily basis. Contributing to Service Week made me feel really connected to the people around me, and I'm happy we were able to give these organizations support they so deserve. - Cathy Chow, 2nd year MSI, 2017 Service Week Lead Planner

I enjoyed participating in UMSI Service Week because it was a great way to connect with organizations doing valuable work in the community. - Madison Goforth, 2nd year MSI, 2017 Service Week Lead Planner

I really enjoyed getting to know the other UMSI volunteers while helping preserve the Arb for—what will sure be—harsh winter conditions. I haven’t spent much time in the Arb so I was really excited when I read the description for the event. The work was really fun and rewarding. On our walk back from the event, Kendra Repo (UMSI ‘18) and I discussed our mutual appreciation for an academic program which values community impact through volunteer work. Paige Mittenthal, BSI Senior

I chose to participate in UMSI Service Week because it was a tangible and fulfilling way to engage with my academic interest area outside of a textbook. As a volunteer, I was grateful for the chance to work with experienced faculty and inquisitive MSI students to understand the scope of a particular problem in the community and to recommend possible solutions. - Ken Caldwell, 1st year MSI

I was excited to be a leader for UMSI Service Week because of all the great organizations we partner with. The missions of our partnered orgs are all varied, from providing mental and health services, to supporting communities through home ownership, to aiding Detroit's resurgence. I wanted to help foster a relationship between UMSI and these organizations, as well as help them continue making an impact by connecting them with volunteers. - Zoë Halbeisen, BSI Senior

It was so great to volunteer at the Jim Toy Community Center during Service Week. Service to me is a mutual process of learning, sharing, and building community. I got to learn about the history of the Community Center, its services, priorities, and challenges as well as help catalogue a variety of books in LGBTQ literature. So many amazing books across a wide range of genres, social and political issues, authors...and I am glad that we were able to assist with making them more accessible. - Linh Huynh, UMSI Staff