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Students who study abroad often look back on the experience as one of the most influential aspects of their college career. The UMSI Study Abroad Resource Guide contains guidelines on how to determine if studying abroad is the right choice, the steps to apply, the course approval process, and items that need to be considered during, and after a study abroad experience. 

UMSI Study Abroad Programs

UMSI currently offers semester-long study abroad programs in these locations:

UMSI also currently offers a Spring-term study abroad program that takes place for 3 weeks in May: 

BSI students can also consider other U-M study abroad programs sponsored by units such as LSA's Center for Global and Intercultural Study (CGIS) or Ross Global Initiatives, among others, by searching for programs in M-Compass. BSI students can also consider programs beyond U-M's offerings, and a good place to start is the Suggested Programs for BSIs Abroad document.

Direct any study abroad-related questions to

Connect with UMSI staff to share about the study abroad experience

Staff will reach out in the term following study abroad, but students can set up a re-entry appointment to share about their experiences via iTrack. Staff are eager to hear from students who can share about courses, favorite experiences, and to gather advice for future study abroad students.

Connect with the UMSI Career Development Office

Connect with the UMSI Career Development Office for guidance on updating your resume and learn how to best market the skills and experiences gained while abroad. Make an appointment at

For students

Where: Students can select a program or university that fits their degree requirements from anywhere in the world. 

Programs: Students can study abroad through UMSI programs or other U-M programs (see M-Compass for offerings), or through non-U-M study abroad vendors such as CEA, IES, CIEE, etc. (see the Suggested Programs for BSIs Abroad document), or students can direct-enroll at a foreign university.

Suggestions for the types of classes available can be seen in the BSI Study Abroad Course Repository.

When: Fall, Winter, Spring/Summer semesters

Eligibility: BSI students; there are limited opportunities for graduate students to take part in study abroad.

Cost: Dependant program, vendor, institution, and location

How to apply: Applications differ depending on the method of studying abroad. Students are encouraged to refer to the BSI Study Abroad Resource Guide for first steps in the process. 

Additional Information: Students should also schedule an academic advising appointment with the BSI Academic Advisor ( to ensure studying abroad works with the student’s schedule. 

Contact Information: Schedule a Study Abroad Advising Appointment on iTrack.  Email 


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