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Global competency, adaptability, experience with diverse cultures and organizational skills all rank highly among the attributes that today’s employers seek in candidates. UMSI encourages BSI students to make an impact by engaging in a global opportunity. Learn about how to initiate your study abroad experience by reviewing the BSI Study Abroad Resource Guide

Studying abroad can be one of the most transformational experiences during the college career. Students interact with new cultures, meet new people, and travel to new places while in pursuit of educational goals. Students who study abroad tend to have higher graduation rates and better salaries while being more prepared for the careers and opportunities post-graduation. 

Typically, undergraduate students at UMSI study abroad; however, select opportunities are available for graduate students.

For students

Where: Students can select a program or university that fits their degree requirements from anywhere in the world. 

Programs: Students can study abroad through their choice of multiple channels:. Programs can be found through other U-M units through MCompass; study abroad experience such as IES Abroad, CIEE, CEA, and ISA; or direct enroll, where students apply directly to their university and program of choice. 

Suggestions for the types of classes available can be seen in the BSI Course Repository.

When: Fall, Winter, Spring/Summer semesters

Eligibility: BSI students; there are limited opportunities for graduate students to take part in study abroad.

Cost: Dependant program, vendor, institution, and location

How to apply: Applications differ depending on the method of studying abroad. Students are encouraged to refer to the BSI Study Abroad Resource Guide for first steps in the process. 

Additional Information: Students should also schedule an academic advising appointment with Linh Huynh to ensure studying abroad works with the student’s schedule. 

Contact Information: Schedule a Study Abroad Advising Appointment on iTrack.  Email 


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