UMSI UX Design Clinic

What is it?

The UX Design Clinic provides the opportunity for students to act as user experience (UX) design consultants working on fast-paced, semester-long projects for real-world clients. 

How does it work?

UXDC students work in teams to tackle semester-long projects brought to the clinic by clients from the local community and from within the University. Students are responsible for nurturing creative team dynamics, communicating with clients and managing the progress of projects, all while learning and receiving guidance from mentors and team members with more or unique experiences.

With whom will I work?

UXDC offers three levels of student participation: UX Designer I, UX Designer II and Design Team Lead. Learn more about these roles. 

UXDC students form teams that are led by a Design Team Lead and work directly with clients to solve the clients’ needs. 

All UXDC students are introduced to a team of mentors with professional expertise in UX design, user research, design processes and starting a business venture. Students are expected to contact mentors when feedback or counsel is needed and, in the process, start to build or grow a professional network.

Interested in joining the UX Design Clinic? 

Do you have a project with UX Design needs?

The UX Design Clinic’s primary concern is with the education of the University of Michigan students who participate in its work. As the work conducted by UX Design Clinic students is pro bono, only projects that provide educational value will be undertaken.

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