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From the earliest days of the Internet, technologists envisioned benefits of broader access to the means of public communication: individual opportunities
for social mobility beyond the confines of local circumstances; subversion of despotic control; the production of public goods like Wikipedia and open source software.
Much of this has come to pass. However, we can now also see some of the challenges arising from broader access to the means of public communication: harassment; a credibility vacuum; a race to the bottom in the competition for attention; a triumph of mobilization over persuasion that threatens to fracture our society.
Technologists at social media companies (product managers, designers, and engineers) are the day to day policy makers of today’s social media landscape. With the growing power of social media, there is a need for greater social responsibility.
The Center for Social Media Responsibility (CSMR) has as its mission to articulate principles and create metrics and tools that empower technologists to fulfill that responsibility. Consistent with the ideals of self-regulation, CSMR offers a credible, independent forum where platform companies can participate in articulating what they should and shouldn’t be held accountable for, and a credible source for monitoring and certifying progress.

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