CSMR Media

Media inquiries: Heather Newman, Director of Marketing & Communications

CSMR has appeared in media stories thousands of times. Here are a select few:

2/13/18 - BuzzFeed News - "He Predicted the 2016 Fake News Crisis: Now He's Worried About an Information Apocalpse" Aviv Ovadya interview

2/22/18 - Washington Post World Post  - "What's worse than fake news? The distortion of reality itself" Opinion piece by Aviv Ovadya

3/7/18 - Deseret News - "Social media offers dark spaces for political campaigning" Garlin Gilchrist quoted

3/9/18 - Publishers Weekly - "New Center at the University of Michigan Information School Will Fight ‘Fake News’"  UMSI Dean Finholt and Garlin Gilchrist quoted

3/10/18 - MLive - "New University of Michigan center to tackle 'social media responsibility'" Garlin Gilchrist discusses the center's mission

3/12/18 - The Daily Dot - "Former Obama social media manager doeesn't blame technology for rise of fake news" Interview with Garlin Gilchrist and Aviv Ovadya

4/02/18 - Education Drive - "Facebook privacy concerns highlight combined data-ethics course adoption trend" Garlin Gilchrist provides expert advisory statement

4/09/18 - The Health Cast - "What Your Kids Want to Tell You About Social Media" Sarita Schoenebeck sheds light on parents' social media use

4/30/18 - The Atlantic - "The Era of Fake Video Begins" Aviv Ovadya’s infopocalypse theory explored 

5/03/18 - The Wall Street Journal - "Trolls Take Over Some Official U.S. Twitter Accounts" Libby Hemphill weighs in 

5/03/18  - CB Insights: Research - "Memes That Kill: The Future Of Information Warfare" Aviv Ovadya outlines three tactics which will play key roles in the future of war

7/06/18 - The Michigan Daily - "U-M’s Social Integrity site promotes good digital citizenship" Nikki Sunstrum, Garlin Gilchrist II, and Clifford Lampe discuss the site