Identifying barriers to and enablers of successful projects

Online access to data, computational tools, and resources can be invaluable to researchers, whether it’s offered in a format called a science gateway, portal, or hub. Nevertheless, funding for the ongoing development and maintenance of gateways is far from guaranteed. This prompted the question, "What makes one science gateway more successful than another?" 

Using cyberinfrastructure to develop next generation civil infrastructure

This project focused on the benefits of cyberinfrastructure (CI) within scientific and engineering research. This CI-TEAM implementation project used top CI practices and technology to bring an international community of researchers together to focus on the design and development of “next generation civil infrastructure.”

VIII Glion Colloquium: Global sustainability and the role of universities

President Emeritus James Duderstadt served as the principal investigator of this National Science Foundation award to fund the VIII Glion Colloquium, which brought together university leaders to generate discussion and knowledge to better understand the roles that can be played by the world’s research universities in addressing the various elements of global sustainability.

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