Faculty profile: Yan Chen

Interdisciplinary by nature

An example of interdisciplinary success between academic programs and institutions is the Socio-Technical Infrastructure for Electronic Transactions program, or STIET for short.

School of Information Professor Yan Chen heads the National Science Foundation-funded program. STIET brings faculty and doctoral students from UM and Wayne State University together for research, training, and outreach through an incentive-centered design (ICD) approach to modern information systems.

Chen says that system performance depends on the strategic behavior of autonomous, self-interested humans. Therefore, this project draws on theories of rational decision making, game-theoretic models of strategic interaction, and economic, psychological, and other social science theories of motivation to form a principled grounding for system design.

ICD methods, for example, are applied to the design of user-contributed open-access content in social computing environments and to distributed allocation problems facing cyberinfrastructure development.