Faculty profile: Stephanie Teasley

Learning from creative minds

For researchers and developers of creativity support tools, online spaces of "user-generated content" (UGC), such as the video-sharing site Youtube.com and the photo-sharing site Flickr.com are of particular interest.

Research Professor Stephanie Teasley leads the project, which is funded by the National Science Foundation. She explains that these UGC systems are massive, diverse spaces for creative production, interaction, collaboration, and appropriation. This project, "CreativeIT Pilot: Learning from Creativity in the Wild: Leveraging the Success of Creative Content Systems," investigates how specific UGC systems — that the UMSI team calls Creative Content Systems — are being used by literally millions of people to generate and disseminate their creative products.

A better understanding of the dynamics of participation in such systems would allow researchers to both design more effective system support for creative activities in future UGC system, as well as to provide a richer model of IT-enabled creativity.