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Ethical Access to Music Time in Africa

UMSI professor Paul Conway will lead a project to digitize and disseminate Leo Sarkisian Archive materials ethically. The project focuses on the preservation and dissemination of music, scripts and broadcast recordings from the Voice of America radio program Music Time in Africa, including field recordings made beginning in the early 1960s. Co-principal investigators include Kelly M. Askew, U-M professor of anthropology and Afroamerican and African studies, and UMSI clinical associate professor David A. Wallace. Shannon Zachary and Robert McIntyre of U-M Library will also work on the project.

Supporting librarians in adding data literacy skills to information literacy instruction

To build students’ capacity as thoughtful, active citizens, the project will train librarians in critical and essential aspects of data literacy and engage them in high-leverage, practical instructional strategies that can be used to directly impact students’ data literacy capabilities.

The Leo Sarkisian Collection at Michigan: Preserving, Accessing, and Preparing for Digitization

UMSI Associate Professor Paul Conway is collaborating with Kelly Askew, associate professor in the Departments of Anthropology and Afroamerican and African Studies and the founding director of U-M’s African Studies Center, to continue a project that is preserving and preparing for digitization the Leo Sarkisian Collection of African Music.

Identifying barriers to and enablers of successful projects

Online access to data, computational tools, and resources can be invaluable to researchers, whether it’s offered in a format called a science gateway, portal, or hub. Nevertheless, funding for the ongoing development and maintenance of gateways is far from guaranteed. This prompted the question, "What makes one science gateway more successful than another?" 

Enhancing the community health information infrastructure

Health information is a critical resource for individuals and communities, but not all groups have equal access to this information. This research and the results derived from this collaborative planning project will help to shape an anticipated future large-scale research project focusing on enhancement of health information infrastructures for marginalized urban communities.

Community, memory, and ethical access to music from The Ark and the African field

UMSI professor Paul Conway proposed this project to build and test a prototype content-management platform to digitize and preserve sound recordings of live musical performances. UMSI professor David Wallace will be working with Conway on this project, as will Kelly Askew, a professor in the U-M College of Literature, Science, and the Arts.


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