Preservation of information

Identifying barriers to and enablers of successful projects

Online access to data, computational tools, and resources can be invaluable to researchers, whether it’s offered in a format called a science gateway, portal, or hub. Nevertheless, funding for the ongoing development and maintenance of gateways is far from guaranteed. This prompted the question, "What makes one science gateway more successful than another?" 

Development of the Science Gateway Institute (SGW-I)

Katherine Lawrence, researcher at the School of Information, is participating in a project funded by the National Science Foundation to plan a Science Gateway Institute. This institute would offer a complete range of services aimed at connecting numerous individual groups developing domain-specific, user-friendly, Web-based portals and tools that enable scientific research.

Engaging communities to foster internships for preservation and digital curation

The University of Michigan School of Information and several partners engaged in a three-year project to support course development facilitating the translation of learning between “real world practice” and the classroom, a series of digital curation/preservation administration internships, and a Digital Curation/Preservation Educators’ conference.

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