ACM recommender systems conference doctoral symposium

With this grant from the National Science Foundation, Paul Resnick and his team organized a doctoral symposium in conjunction with the 3rd Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Conference on Recommender Systems, held October 23-25, 2009 in New York.

Each student selected for the symposium presented a research plan, and received feedback from faculty and fellow students. The workshop helped to develop the talent pool of future researchers in academia and industry who will work on solving the intellectual challenges described above. 

Start date: 9/15/2009
End date: 8/31/2011

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Recommender systems are software applications that aim to support users in their decision-making while interacting with large information spaces. They recommend items of interest to users based on preferences they have expressed, either explicitly or implicitly. The ever-expanding volume and increasing complexity of information on the Web has therefore made such systems essential tools for users in a variety of information seeking or ecommerce activities. 

Recommender systems help overcome the information overload problem by exposing users to the most interesting items, and by offering novelty, surprise, and relevance. Recommender technology is hence the central piece of the information-seeking puzzle. Major e-commerce sites such as Amazon and Yahoo! are using recommendation technology in ubiquitous ways. Many newcomers are on their way and entrepreneurs are competing in order to find the right approach to use this technology effectively.

Research on recommender systems is broadly distributed among many universities worldwide and a variety of academic homes (computer science, business schools, i-schools, and more). By helping doctoral students to appreciate each other’s different perspectives and form a cohort across those boundaries, our aim is to help preserve the rich interdisciplinarity of the conference in the coming years.

For more information on the conference, complete with photos, slides and summaries from the symposium’s proceedings, please visit the ACM Conference website here.


2009 ACM Recommender Systems Conference Doctoral Symposium, National Science Foundation: $15,240


The National Science Foundation (NSF) is an independent federal agency created by Congress in 1950 "to promote the progress of science; to advance the national health, prosperity, and welfare; to secure the national defense…"