Data management and visualization workshops

This grant provided participant support for two workshops on the increasing importance of data and data visualization for the growth of eScience.  The workshops took place over multiple days in September and October 2010, in Redmond, Washington and in Berkeley, California on October 10, 2010. The primary purpose of the workshops was to gather community input into recommendations of the Data Task Force of the Advisory Committee for Cyberinfrastructure (ACCI).  

Start date: 9/1/2010
End date: 11/30/2012

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The emerging cyberinfrastructure framework for 21st Century Science and Engineering has to take into account unprecedented demands for access to scientific data. The National Science Foundation established a Data and Visualization Task Force and five other task forces, led by the ACCI, to advise the Foundation on how to integrate data and data management tools (including visualizations) into advanced cyberinfrastructure for data-intensive science, engineering, and education. 

These task forces were each led by ACCI members and their membership included a cross section of members from both academic and industrial communities. Over a two-year period, the task forces gathered broad community input via open workshops and meetings, solicitation of white papers, and other outreach efforts. Each task force subsequently discussed and generated a final report containing recommendations and ideas for advancing cyberinfrastructure in support of NSF research.

The two workshops on data and visualization were designed to gather community input for the recommendations and report of the Data Task Force. The workshops identified cutting-edge common problems in data management and data visualization. This project helped to develop a core set of recommendations for the ACCI Data and Visualization Task Force to bring forward to NSF’s long-term vision for cyberinfrastructure. The findings and final report helped define cyberinfrastructure, enabling new discoveries across many science and engineering disciplines. This project addressed the need for broad access and availability of data, policy implications of data stewardship and data-intensive science, and educational needs for data scientists.

To read the final report on the workshops, please visit the website here


Workshops on Data Management and Data Visualization Needs and Priorities for 21st Century CyberInfrastructure, National Science Foundation: $49,911


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