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University of Michigan School of Information


LGBTQ people's disclosure and support seeking on social media when experiencing pregnancy loss

As parents or parents-to-be, LGBTQ people face stigma against their gender and/or sexual identities in both their own and their children’s lives in ways that heterosexual cisgender individuals do not. This experienced stigma becomes more complicated in the face of often stigmatizing reproductive health complications such as pregnancy loss. This project centers LGBTQ people's experiences with pregnancy loss to uncover the unique barriers and challenges that they face in disclosure, accessing social support, resources, and community online and off.

Principal Investigator: Nazanin Andalibi

Co-investigators: Ashley Lacombe-Duncan (U-M Social Work), Lee Roosevelt (U-M Nursing) 

Start Date:
End Date:

The amount of the award is $15,000 for UMSI for the project period. The grant is funded by U-M MCUBED.