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Major Life Events and Social Media in Contemporary Society

Each person faces many transitions throughout their life as they develop, age, and change. People often find it difficult to manage where to present and discuss life transitions and changing identities on social media sites, and to find communities of similar others. These difficulties are often amplified for those with marginalized or stigmatized identities (e.g., transgender and other LGBQ people, those with sensitive health conditions). To address these concerns, UMSI faculty Oliver Haimson and a research team will conduct a large-scale survey and interview study to develop an updated empirical framework explaining how people fragment their identities and networks among separate social media sites during each of contemporary life’s major transitions, and the implications of these practices.

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The amount of the award is $4,100 for UMSI for the project period. The grant is funded by the National Center for Institutional Diversity at the University of Michigan.