UMSI Bicentennial Symposium



Friday, October 6, 2017 | 9:30 am - 4:30 pm

Rackham Graduate School

We are also live-streaming the Bicentennial Symposium on our Facebook page.

All events listed are open to the public. People are welcome to attend all or any part of the day’s presentations. REGISTER HERE.

A day-long symposium in celebration of the University of Michigan's 200th anniversary.  Leading experts from the fields of information, technology, public and special libraries and entrepreneurship will present their views on the present and future of information and society

9:30 am   Welcome and Acknowledgment of UMSI Deans and History [Auditorium]
        Thomas A. Finholt, Dean, U-M School of Information

10:00 am    A Conversation with Nancy Pearl (AMLS ’67), 2011 Library Journal Librarian of the Year, Author of Book Lust and George and Lizzie, NPR Commentator [Auditorium]
Moderator: Josie Parker (MILS ‘96), Director, Ann Arbor District Library

Nancy Pearl will be signing copies of her books from 9-9:45 am in the Rackham lobby and from 12:30-1:30 pm in the Assembly Hall, 4th floor.

11:00 am    Student Lightning Talks [Auditorium]
        UMSI students present current research

11:15 am    Remembrance and Records [West Room, 4th floor]
Anne Gilliland (PhD '95), Professor and Director of the Archival Studies, UCLA 
Elizabeth Yakel, Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor, UMSI
Sam Gustman, Chief Technology Officer, Shoah Foundation, USC
Moderator: Francis X. Blouin, Professor of Information and of History, University of Michigan

11:30 am    Entrepreneurship and Information [Auditorium]
Roger Ehrenberg, Founder and Managing Partner, IA Ventures
Jeff Lawson, CEO, Twilio
David Ismailer, President, 2K Games
Moderator: Jason Blessing, CEO, Plex Systems

12:30 pm     Lunch and Student Exposition [Assembly Hall, 4th floor]

Lunch with Kentaro Toyama, UMSI Associate Professor and author of Geek Heresy [West Room, 4th floor]

Lunch with Joyojeet Pal, Assistant Professor, UMSI, and producer of the film For the Love of Man [film shown Wednesday, October 4 at 5:30 pm in North Quad Space 2435] [East Room, 4th floor]

1:30 pm    Libraries of Today and Tomorrow [Auditorium]
Deb Fallows, Writer and Linguist, author of Dreaming in Chinese
Loretta Parham (AMLS ’77), CEO and Library Director, Robert Woodruff Library, Atlanta University Center, Inc.
John Szabo (MILS ’92), City Librarian, Los Angeles Public Library
Moderator: James Hilton, Vice Provost for Academic Innovation, Dean of Libraries, University of Michigan

2:00 pm    Law Librarianship: Reflections on the Past, Ruminations on the Future [West Room, 4th floor]
Steve Barkan (AMLS ’80), Director, University of Wisconsin Law Library
Barbara Garavaglia (AMLS '82), Director, University of Michigan Law Library
Deb Schwarz, Founder, LAC Group
Moderator: Holly Riccio (MILS, ’94), Knowledge Management Director, Nossaman

2:30 pm    The Best of UMSI Today [Auditorium]
Cliff Lampe, Associate Professor
Daniel Romero, Assistant Professor
Silvia Lindtner, Assistant Professor
Tiffany Veinot, Associate Professor
Steve Oney, Assistant Professor
Nicole Ellison, Professor
Barry Fishman, Professor

3:30 pm    Keynote: The Future of Information [Auditorium]
Peter Lee, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Research
Bradley Horowitz, VP Product, Google
Jamie Voris, Chief Technology Officer, Walt Disney Studios
Moderator: Thomas A. Finholt, Dean, U-M School of Information

Assembly Hall, 4th floor
10 am – 1:30 pm    Student posters exhibition   

REGISTER TO ATTEND. (You do not need to attend all events.)

The UMSI Bicentennial Symposium is supported by the John Seely Brown Symposium Fund, the William Warner Bishop Lectureship Fund, the Martha Boaz Distinguished Lectureship Fund and the U-M Office of Academic Innovation.