UMSI campaign priorities

The UMSI comprehensive campaign focuses on the school's four main priorities. Learn how you can help:


Your scholarship donations not only dramatically change the life of a future information leader, they also provide real-world benefits. Our alumni are making a big difference in the world. The demand for our students is high and growing. But the cost of higher education is an ever-growing challenge for our students. Today, we are able to provide 30%, or 130, of our students with some sort of scholarship support. We’re working, with your help, to increase that number. As we do, more of our students will be able to realize their dreams and have a profound impact on our world - thanks to you.


UMSI faculty have been leading the country and the world in innovative research, scholarship, entrepreneurship and education since our beginnings in 1926. These faculty members have provided students with opportunities to explore new areas in information and library sciences fields and launch their own entrepreneurial ventures. In order to continue to recruit and retain the best minds and provide our students with experiences of discovery, creativity and innovation through both real-world problem-solving and research, we need your help. You can provide the funding that allows our faculty to innovate in the field and for our students. 


Your support can help with projects that reach into communities from right next door to around the globe, providing new outcomes in everything from archives to health through technology and information. You can help fund new ways of learning, new types of teaching, and new opportunities for both students and the organizations where they work.

Improving UMSI

For the past 90 years, donors and philanthropy have played a significant role in UMSI’s success. In the next 90 years, your support will shape the school as a place where great research and academic excellence occurs, where new ideas are generated and creativity is fostered, and where students and faculty take these ideas and boldly impact the world around us.


Today, your support will make a difference more than ever before. Join with us, as our alumni and as our partners, to create inspiration, innovation and impact at the University of Michigan School of Information.

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