UMSI faculty, students presenting at Learning Analytics & Knowledge conference

Faculty and students from the University of Michigan School of Information will present 10 workshops, posters and papers at the upcoming International Conference on Learning Analytics & Knowledge (LAK), March 4 – 8 in Tempe, Arizona.

This annual conference, presented by the Society for Learning Analytics and Research (SoLAR) brings together educators, policy makers, researchers, students and data practitioners to “debate the state of the art at the intersection of learning and analytics.”

Research assistant professor and LAK program co-chair Christopher Brooks is nominated for Best Full Research Paper and will lead a pre-conference workshop on  “Diving in to Educational Experiments: Process, Evaluation, and Reasoning in Support of Learning (DEEPER Support of Learning).”

UMSI Research professor and outgoing SoLAR president Stephanie Teasley will lead a pre-conference workshop on “Building the Learning Analytics Curriculum for 2020 and Beyond.”

The full LAK conference schedule is available on the LAK website. The conference Twitter hashtag is #LAK19.

Stephanie Teasley

Full Research Papers

Heeryung Choi, Nia Dowell, Christopher Brooks and Stephanie Teasley: “Social Comparison in MOOCs: Perceived SES, Opinion, and Message Formality.”  

Josh Gardner, Christopher Brooks and Ryan Baker: “Evaluating the Fairness of Predictive Student Models Through Slicing Analysis.”  [Best Full Research Paper Nomination]

Warren Li, Christopher Brooks and Florian Schaub. “The Impact of Student Opt-Out on Educational Predictive Models.”

Timothy Necamp, Joshua Gardner and Christopher Brooks: “Beyond A/B Testing: Sequential Randomization for Developing Interventions in Scaled Digital Learning Environments.”

Short Research Papers

Wenfei Yan, Nia Dowell, Caitlin Holman, Steve Welsh, Heeryung Choi and Christopher Brooks:  “Exploring Learner Engagement Patterns in Teach-Outs: Using Topic, Sentiment and On-topicness to Reflect on Pedagogy.”

Yiwen Lin, Nia Dowell, Andrew Godfrey, Heeryung Choi and Christopher Brooks: “Modeling Gender in Intra and Interpersonal Dynamics during Online Learning Collaborative Interactions.”

Doctoral Consortium

Heeryung Choi: “Trace Data: How to Improve a Method to Measure Self-regulated Learning in Online Courses.”


Anant Mittal and Christopher Brooks: “Augmenting Authentic Data Science Environments for Learning Analytics.”

 Posted March 1, 2019