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University of Michigan School of Information

A headshot of Tam Rayan standing in front of a bush full of flowers

Tam Rayan


Tam Rayan researches how traditional archival methodology can be bridged with digital infrastructures and participatory-based methods to better serve and represent the recordkeeping needs of ethnic groups with unique intergenerational traumas, specifically those impacted by forced migration, displacement, and exile.



Areas of interest

Digital archives, diaspora studies, reparative description, decolonial theory

Honors & Awards

SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship, 2022-2026
Ontario Graduate Scholarship, 2020-2021
ARL/SAA Mosaic Fellowship, 2020-2021
SSHRC CGS Master’s Program Award, 2015-2016


Master of Information in Archives and Records Management, University of Toronto
Master of Arts in Ethnomusicology, University of Toronto
Bachelor of Arts in Music, Laurentian University

News about Tam Rayan

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