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UMSI PhDs on the job market

These PhD students will be on the job market in 2020-2021.

Shiqing (Licia) He

Shiqing (Licia) He

Dissertation title: Finding the Grammar of Generative Craft

Fields of interest: Art & Craft; Information Visualization; Generative Art; Creative Coding; Fabrication; Human Computer Interaction; Creativity Support Tools; Game

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Joey Hsiao

Joey Chiao-Yin Hsiao

Dissertation title: Fostering Transnational Newcomers’ Trust in Online 
 Local Social Exchange

Fields of interest: UX Research; Online Trust; Inclusive Design; Social Media

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Bradley Iott

Bradley Iott

Dissertation title: Social Determinants of Health Screening Implementation: A Multi-Method Investigation to Bridge Clinic and Community to Improve Healthcare Outcomes

Fields of interest: Health Informatics; Health Disparities; Social Determinants of Health; Clinical Information Systems; Organizational Studies; Mixed Methods Research

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Tsuyoshi Kano

Tsuyoshi (Yoshi) Kano

Dissertation title: ICT Sector and Human Resource Development Ecosystem in Rwanda, Bangladesh, and Japan

Fields of interest: ICTD; Human Resource Management; HCI4D

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Yingzhi Liang

Yingzhi Liang

Dissertation title: Behavioral Market Design for Social Good

Fields of interest: Behavioral and Experimental Economics; Market and Mechanism Design; Data Science; Causal Inference; Gig Economy; Social Network


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Cindy Lin

Cindy Lin

Dissertation title: Coding Climate Inequality: An Ethnography of Data Control, Efficiency, and Environmental Justice in Postcolonial Indonesia

Fields of interest: STS; Social Informatics; Critical Data Studies; Environmental Studies; Feminist and Postcolonial Theory

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Megh Marathe

Megh Marathe

Dissertation title: Understanding the Seizure in the Time of Digital Brainwaves

Fields of interest: Science and Technology Studies; Disability Studies; Computer-supported Cooperative Work; Human-computer Interaction

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Hari Subramonyam

Hari Subramonyam

Dissertation title: The Role of End-User Data in Designing Human-AI Experiences

Fields of interest: Human Computer Interaction; Human Centered AI; Responsible AI; Interactive Intelligent Systems; Information Visualization

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These Post-Docs will be on the job market in 2020-2021.

 Jennifer Lawlor

Jennifer Lawlor

Dissertation title: I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means: Problem Definitions and Collaborative Relationships in Coalitions

Fields of interest: Community Change Efforts; Community Coalitions; Social Network Analysis; Systems Thinking and Complexity Science for Community Problem-solving; Use of Research Evidence and Data Use

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