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University of Michigan School of Information


UMSI PhDs on the job market

These PhD students will be on the job market in 2022-2023.

A headshot of Vaishnav Kameswaran

Vaishnav Kameswaran

Dissertation title: Understanding the Software Update Experiences of People with Visual Impairments in India

Fields of interest: Human-Computer Interaction; Accessibility; ICTD

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A headshot of Harmanpreet Kaur

Harman Kaur

Dissertation title: Leveraging Human Cognition for AI Interaction

Fields of interest: Human-AI Interaction; Cognitive Science; Machine Learning; Data Science

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A headshot of Christopher Quarles

Christopher Quarles

Dissertation title: How Inequality Becomes Intractable - And Why Simple Explanations Can Make It Worse

Fields of interest: Inequality; Democracy; Social Media; Social Clustering; Complex Systems; Internet Policy

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A headshot of Zhewei Song

Zhewei Song

Dissertation title: Three essays on how social or product information increases efficiency

Fields of interest: Behavioral and Experimental Economics; Information Economics; Market Design; Game Theory

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A headshot of April Wang

April Wang

Dissertation title: Designing Future Computational Notebooks for Collaboration and Learning

Fields of interest: Human Computer Interaction (HCI); Data Science, Analytics, and Visualization; Educational Technology and Learning Analytics

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A headshot of Qiaoning Zhang

Qiaoning Zhang

Dissertation title: From the Head or the Heart? The Impact of Automated Vehicle Explanation on Cognitive and Affective Trust

Fields of interest: Human-Computer Interaction; Human-Centered Design; UX Research; Self-Driving Vehicles

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These Post-Docs will be on the job market in 2022-2023.

A headshot of Avery Everhart

Avery Everhart

Dissertation title: Incomplete Data & Insufficient Methods: Transgender Population Health Research in the US

Fields of interest: Geographic Information Systems; Demography; Medical Geography; Critical Data Studies; Transgender Studies; Health Informatics; Critical GIS; Public Health; Health & Human Rights; Science & Technology Studies

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A headshot of Inna Smirnova

Inna Smirnova

Dissertation title: Essays on the organizational design of online communities

Fields of interest: Organization Theory & Design; Innovation & Technology; Strategy; Nonfinancial Incentives; Social Evaluation; Online Communities; Scientific Teams

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A headshot of Siqi Wu

Siqi Wu

Dissertation title: Measuring Collective Attention in Online Content: Sampling, Engagement, and Network Effects

Fields of interest: Computational Social Science; Social Media and Social Computing; Science, Technology, and Society

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