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Toyama: Net neutrality can’t be achieved until it’s better defined

UMSI professor Kentaro Toyama tells Government Technology that we lack a clear definition of what net neutrality means. 

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How Black people in the 19th century used photography as a tool for social change

UMSI student Samantha Hill wrote a piece for "The Conversation" on the role cameras played in the quest for social equality for Black Americans in the post-slavery era.

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Michael Nebeling discusses Extended Reality For Everybody

UMSI associate professor Michael Nebeling spoke with AR Post about the free Coursera Extended Reality For Everybody specialization.

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David Wallace on the failings of the 9/11 Commission

David Wallace’s research was quoted by the Washington Post in an article about the failings of the congressional commission set up to investigate the events that led up to the terrorist attacks on the U.S. on Sept. 11, 2001.

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Tawanna Dillahunt on the role of grocery delivery services

Tawanna Dillahunt was interviewed by The Plug for their article on Zero Grocery, a food-delivery service that focuses on sustainable, plastic-free convenience.

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REMS application open until Feb. 15

The Research Experience for Master’s Student (REMS) Fellowship at UMSI provides diverse graduate students with an opportunity to build a research portfolio.

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UMSI staff volunteer project contributes to new campus resource

Fact sheets on holidays are now linked to the university's religious holidays calendar.

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Ron Eglash to speak at the National Science Policy Network webinar on Afrofuturism in Science Policy and Education

UMSI Professor Ron Eglash will discuss his CHI2020 paper "Race-positive Design: A Generative Approach to Decolonizing Computing.

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Three medals for UMSI in Pride of CASE competition

UMSI earned Gold, Silver and Bronze awards for outstanding development projects in the 2021 Pride of CASE District V contest.

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