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Career education

Career insider

All UMSI students have access to comprehensive career education opportunities led by experts from the Career Development Office team. These opportunities are offered through multiple formats and are designed to provide equity in career education for all UMSI students including credit-based courses and co-curricular workshops as well as employer-related activities. These career education opportunities are designed to offer students opportunities for self-assessment, career exploration, job and internship search readiness and long term career management and success. 

Credit-based career education courses

SI 300 Career & Internship Studio: Design Your Success

  • 1-credit course
  • Required for all incoming BSI students

SI 505 Career & Internship Studio: Design Your Success

  • 1-credit course
  • Optional for first year MSI students

Additionally, the CDO teaches online internship courses that supplement all credit-based internships. These internship courses run concurrently while students participate in their internships. Internship courses are online and are designed for reflective learning.   

SI 390: BSI Internship Course

  • 1 academic credit (beginning with Summer 2024 internships)

SI 690: MSI Internship Course

  • 1-6 academic credits

SI 681: MSI Internship Course 

  • 1-6 academic credits (beginning with Summer 2024 internships)

MHI internships: Beginning with the Fall 2023 cohort, MHI students will be required to earn 3 internship course credits by taking SI 681 and/or SI 690. Previous cohorts have been required to complete an internship to fulfill curricular requirements, but no course was associated with MHI internships.  

Co-curricular career education workshops

In addition to credit-based career courses, the CDO team leads multiple career education workshops throughout the academic year. Workshops are designed to teach students the skills and knowledge for career readiness to ensure job and internship success. Workshop topics include resume development, cover letter development, portfolio development, interview preparation, networking strategies and negotiation strategies.

The CDO also offers specific workshops designed for the career development and job search needs for specific populations of students (i.e., international students, LGBTQ students, students with disabilities and more.)

Employer-related career education activities

The CDO understands the value of integrating employers into students’ career education to offer industry expertise and perspective. The CDO hosts multiple employer-related career educational activities for students throughout the academic year: mock interviews, resume reviews, portfolio reviews, design jams, panel sessions and networking events.