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Students: Career Support and Services During COVID-19

Who needs a bookmarks bar? Here's a handy list that will link you to important and useful sites for current UMSI students, including events calendars, career development resources, degree-specific information and more.

If you don't find what you're looking for here, try searching your Canvas site. For additional support, please reach out to the Academic Advising Team, Registrar Team, Career Development Office or Engaged Learning Office. (Email addresses and telephone numbers are listed in the Contact us page.) 

All students

Course catalog

iTrack: Look for jobs and internships and schedule advising appointments

Please Note: Job and internship postings on iTrack do not imply UMSI Career Development Office endorsement of the position, opportunity, or employer described. Postings are shared because they may be of interest to the UMSI community and should not be taken as indicating an expectation that students pursue on-site jobs and/or internship experiences during Summer 2020 or at any time during the COVID-19 pandemic if doing so would be detrimental to student health or safety.

It is up to the individual to determine whether pursuing and completing an experience is right for them, including – given the COVID-19 pandemic – any applicable travel and safety guidelines, the availability and viability of remote vs. in-person opportunities, and any other risks of participating in a given opportunity at this time.

UMSI Residential Course Instructor Office Hours

CDO Resources Canvas site: Access all CDO resources and materials for your internship/job search preparation (i.e., resume guide, cover letter guide, interview prep, negotiation prep, etc.)

Career Fair and Elevate Your Passion

Engaged learning opportunities

Funding opportunities via MCompass

UMSI events calendar

U-M events calendar

Late drop/add/swap/edit

Request letters: OPT, RCL, GSI Application, Active Student, Degree Confirmation, etc.

Bachelor of Science in Information

BSI academic advising Canvas site

BSI Student Handbook

BSI Internship Handbook

BSI Internship Gallery

BSI Study Abroad Resource Guide

BSI Career and Academic Advising: Schedule an appointment through iTrack

Master of Science in Information

MSI academic advising Canvas site

MSI/MHI Student Handbook

MSI Internship Handbook

MSI Internship Gallery

MSI Career and Academic Advising: Schedule an appointment through iTrack

Master of Health Informatics

MHI academic advising Canvas site

MSI/MHI Student Handbook

MHI Internship Handbook

MHI Internship Gallery

MHI Career and Academic Advising: Schedule an appointment through iTrack

Master of Applied Data Science

MADS calendars

MADS Student Handbook

PhD in Information


Doctoral Student Handbook

PhD Career Advising (Industry-only): Schedule an appointment through iTrack