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Jean Hardy standing next to a rainbow flag

Jean Hardy is using information to bring together LGBT people in rural areas.

What will you change?

Emily Trumpower wearing a white doctor's coat in a hospital

Emily Trumpower is using information to help preterm babies get what they need to grow.

What will you change?

Hope Tambala standing in front of a data visualization

Hope Tambala is using information and AR/VR to turn data into decisions.

What will you change?

Sierre Wolfkostin standing next to a dominos sign

Sierre Wolfkostin is using information to make customers' experiences easier and more fun.

What will you change?

Corey S. scanning archival material.

Corey S. is using information to ensure that history is forever and for everyone.

What will you change?


A hand holding a gavel coming out of a laptop screen
Publicly shaming harassers may be popular, but it doesn't bring justice

Sarita Schoenebeck, associate professor at the U-M School of Information, says current means of dealing with online harassment mirror the criminal justice system by penalizing the perpetrator, but they don't address justice and fairness for the person who has been wronged. 

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Carol Moser in her closet at home
PhD candidate defends dissertation remotely—from her closet—in historic UMSI first

Carol Moser walked into her bedroom closet a PhD candidate and walked out two hours later with a doctorate in information. 

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UMSI MSI student finalist for Best Poster Award at iConference 2020

University of Michigan School of Information (UMSI) MSI student Amy Chew is a finalist for the Best Poster award at the fifteenth annual iConference.

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