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Emily Trumpower is using information to help preterm babies get what they need to grow.

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Sierre Wolfkostin is using information to make customers' experiences easier and more fun.

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Corey S. is using information to ensure that history is forever and for everyone.

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Jean Hardy is using information to bring together LGBT people in rural areas.

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Hope Tambala is using information and AR/VR to turn data into decisions.

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Graphic of a silhouetted person sitting at a desktop computer appearing contemplative
LGBTQ identity shapes pregnancy loss disclosure decisions on social media

An interdisciplinary team of U-M researchers investigated LGBTQ persons' experiences with pregnancy loss and social media’s role in sharing about it.

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Libby Hemphill
Libby Hemphill on extremism and social media

Associate professor Libby Hemphill is developing a culturally sensitive adaptive language model to detect and effectively model the evolution of online extremist rhetoric.

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Elizabeth Yakel
Elizabeth Yakel appointed C. Olivia Frost Collegiate Professor of Information

Elizabeth Yakel, UMSI’s Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, has a new title to add to her signature: C. Olivia Frost Collegiate Professor of Information.

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