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An Doan is using information to help small businesses thrive online.

What will you change?

Chloe Preble is using information and VR to make chemotherapy safer.

What will you change?

Ermias Bizuwork is using information to help save the Great Lakes.

What will you change?

Josh Horowitz is using information to make art more immersive.

What will you change?

Briarre Johnson is using information to reimagine how we interact with cars.

What will you change?


Quoted by Al Jazeera: Professor Cllff Lampe from UMSI, A US state asked for evidence to ban TikTok. The FBI offered none"
Lampe: TikTok poses no greater risk than any other social media platform

“The sole concern expressed is that its main owner is a Chinese company — even though most TikTok traffic in the US is managed on US servers.”

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Quoted by France 23: Associate Professor Joyojeet Pal "Disinformation stalks Rahul Gandhi on trans-India trek
Pal: Difficult to overcome disinformation in polarized Indian political climate

"With the level of polarization we see in India right now, people will believe or at least pretend to believe what better suits their predispositions than what is fact," said Pal.

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"UMSI News." A photo of seven students walking on campus.
UMSI professor files amicus brief for Gonzalez vs. Google Supreme Court case

The brief provides a “historical and technical perspective” on a Supreme Court case that could have vast significance on the future of social media platforms.

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