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Josh Horowitz is using information to make art more immersive.

What will you change?

Briarre Johnson is using information to reimagine how we interact with cars.

What will you change?

An Doan is using information to help small businesses thrive online.

What will you change?

Chloe Preble is using information and VR to make chemotherapy safer.

What will you change?

Ermias Bizuwork is using information to help save the Great Lakes.

What will you change?


Featured in The Screens Podcast. Lecturer III James Rampton.
Jim Rampton featured on The Screens Podcast

UMSI lecturer James Rampton talks automotive UX, the future of cars in the U.S and the push for electric vehicles. 

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Quoted by Science. Associate professor Eytan Adar. As scientists read flood of papers, AI developers aim to help.
Adar: Can AI research assistants help scientists read a barrage of papers? The results are mixed

UMSI associate professor Eytan Adar talks with Science about the potential opportunities and pitfalls of new technologies aimed at assisting scientists. 

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Quoted by Business Insider. Doctoral student Kat Roemmich. The creepy AI-driven surveillance that may be infiltrating your workplace.
Roemmich: Emotion AI is being used to surveil workers. What does it mean for you?

UMSI doctoral student Kat Roemmich discusses the use of artificial intelligence in the workplace and privacy concerns with Business Insider. 

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