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Hope Tambala is using information and AR/VR to turn data into decisions.

What will you change?

Sierre Wolfkostin is using information to make customers' experiences easier and more fun.

What will you change?

Corey S. is using information to ensure that history is forever and for everyone.

What will you change?

Jean Hardy is using information to bring together LGBT people in rural areas.

What will you change?

Emily Trumpower is using information to help preterm babies get what they need to grow.

What will you change?


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Social media bans, restrictions have mixed impact on potential misinformation following Capitol riot

The amount of potential misinformation was impacted on at least one social media platform following actions to suspend or shut down thousands of accounts following the Capitol riot Jan. 6.

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How to get recommendations for the MADS program

Advice from field experts and successful applicants to the MADS program on how to score the perfect letter of recommendation.

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Congratulations 2020 Fellow of the ACM Paul Resnick
Paul Resnick named ACM Fellow

The Association for Computing Machinery has named UMSI Professor and Associate Dean Paul Resnick a 2020 ACM Fellow.

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