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University of Michigan School of Information


Human-Computer Interaction/UX Design

A headshot of Avalon Hu

Avalon Hu (MSI '11) has fused her creativity and her passion for user experience into a career spanning companies at the forefront of innovation. 

Learn how she used unique career development opportunities at UMSI to explore the broad pathways open to her with an information degree.

A headshot Caitlin Endyke

Caitlin Endyke (MSI '20) encourages students to use their degrees to "dig deep" into their interests

Currently a senior product manager at CarGurus, Caitlin is leveraging her time at the University of Michigan School of Information to connect people with cars they love.

A headshot of Emily Bowman

Emily Bowman (MSI '12) is leading a team of UX designers as director of customer experience design at General Motors. 

Learn how Emily utilized the career development office for networking opportunities.

A headshot of Emily Gottschalk

Emily Gottschalk (BSI '16) says "the SI program believed in me and the endless possibilities I saw with this degree, and I am forever grateful for the opportunities that have arisen from it." 

Discover how Emily is applying problem-solving skills learned at UMSI as a self-described "editor of the technology world," blending expertise in English and user experience at Qualtrics. 

A headshot of Jatin Gupta

Jatin Gupta (MSI ’18) uses the human-computer interaction skills he learned at UMSI to improve product usability at T-mobile.

Jatin's advice for staying relevant.

A headshot of Jeff Tang

“Network, be nice to other people and always keep learning,” says Jeff Tang (MSI 05). Now working on Roku's design systems team, Tang reflects on the most valuable aspects of a UMSI degree and offers advice on how to keep learning post-graduation.

A headshot of Justin Cohen

Are you a new grad trying to make it in tech? Justin Cohen (MSI ’17) says “take a risk if you’re able to.”

“Go to a startup or mid-sized company that no one’s heard of, and learn there,” he says. Soon, you could be at a company everyone wants to work for.

Cohen is currently a product designer at Plaid, working on technical tooling and documentation for developers.

Krishna Vadrevu standing next to a waterfall

Krishna Vadrevu (MSI '14) is using UMSI human-computer interaction training designing cloud platforms for global customers. 

"There’s plenty of resources and alumni to reach out to while you’re in UMSI programs — embrace that." More of Krishna's advice for getting the most out of your UMSI experience here.

A headshot of Maria Gosur

Maria Gosur (MSI '17) is inspiring new directions for marketing with her user experience services. 

Networking is important, she says, but make sure you're doing it right.

A headshot of Naim Falandino

At UMSI, Naim Falandino (MSI '12) helped community groups with their data problems through A2 Data Dive events. Now he uses data to solve complex problems as CTO of Groundspeed Analytics. 

He advises grads joining the workforce to be vocal about what they seek.

A headshot of Nisreen Salka

Nisreen Salka (MSI ’18) was a full-time student with a full-time job at UMSI, always on the go “learning and applying” skills.

Now a leader for Rocket Central’s UX research, she wants to empower her team with the same voice UMSI gave her during her graduate career.

A headshot of Novia Wong

Novia Wong (MSI '19) channels her passions for information and health care into helping communities access mental health resources as a PhD candidate at the University of California Irvine. 

"In the end, what really matters is your experience working with other people," she advises students.

A headshot of Omid Farivar

Omid Farivar (MSI '12) is building Discord's new user experience research team.

Why is user experience and design more important now than ever? Omid has an answer — and encouragement for students.

A headshot of Paul Belser

Paul Belser (MSI '16) says students shouldn’t worry about the tech they’re studying becoming outmoded. What’s everlasting is UMSI lessons on how to interact with “a diversity of ideas.”

A headshot of Shaelyn Albrecht

Shaelyn Albrecht (BSI '20) is empowering students with user-centered edtech features. 

She explains how sticky notes can be your most valuable tool at UMSI, and delineates the most meaningful projects you can pursue here.

A headshot of Zahra Langford

Zahra Langford (MSI '05) is creating approachable designs for complex healthcare applications. 

"I knew I could really do anything with a degree from University of Michigan." Read about the rich internship experiences she cultivated through UMSI, and how they helped her get her first job in the industry.