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University of Michigan School of Information

Grant Schoenebeck

Grant Schoenebeck

Associate Professor of Information, School of Information Email: [email protected] Phone: 510/316-8733
Office: School of Information/3341 North Quad Faculty Role: Faculty Potential PhD Faculty Advisor: Yes Personal website News About Grant Schoenebeck

News about Grant Schoenebeck

First Paper Friday. David Gamba. PhD Student. Exit Ripple Effects: Understanding the Disruption of Socialization Networks Following Employee Departures. WWW'24 Proceedings of the ACM on Web Conference.
First Paper Friday: David Gamba

UMSI PhD student David Gamba‚Äôs first published paper explores the communication dynamics of remaining employees following large employment departures. 

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UMSI Research Roundup. Doc on the Tok. Getting Cozy with Causality. Recent publications by UMSI faculty and PhD students.
Doc on the Tok | Getting Cozy with Causality: UMSI Research Roundup

Recent UMSI faculty and PhD student publications. 

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