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Pal: Misinformation campaigns discrediting Modi critiques are ‘getting smarter’

Quoted by The Washington Post. Associate Professor Joyojeet Pal. Covert Indian operation seeks to discredit Modi's critics in the U.S.

Wednesday, 12/13/2023

Coordinated social media campaigns are playing outsized roles in influencing Indian politics. Since 2020, a new organization, the Disinfo Lab, has been publishing “lengthy dossiers and social media posts claiming to reveal the personal relationships and funding sources behind U.S.-based critics of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi,” according to The Washington Post

In a new story, The Post reveals the organization is making unsubstantiated claims and spreading conspiracy theories against critics of Modi. 

University of Michigan School of Information associate professor of information Joyojeet Pal, an expert on politics, social media and society in India, was interviewed by the Post for the piece. He says targeted social media campaigns spreading misinformation are becoming increasingly common and problematic in India. 

“The Indian right wing is a new player that has arrived on the world stage and wants to shape global discussion,” Pal says. “So far, much of it is done in the same way it’s done within India — through crude, blunt force. But it’s getting smarter.”


Read “Covert Indian operations seeks to discredit Modi’s critics in the U.S.” from The Washington Post. 

Learn more about associate professor of information Joyojeet Pal by visiting his UMSI faculty profile


— Noor Hindi, UMSI public relations specialist